New Page In 10 Days

Sorry for the wait! The next page after should be coming sooner. I’ve also updated the library. The goal is to able to keep readers updated without the use of Discord and Facebook groups as I’m a firm believer in building your own platform while all other platforms are nothing more than tools. Anywho~ While […]

New Chapter Coming Soon

We’ll finally get to see what Drill Sargeant Dimitri looks like. I also want to be able to make little posts like this at my library. Have to do some research. 🤔

Organize and Simplify

I made a place in my library that will be synced with Patreon’s posts. www.PSManga.com/support  In between chapters I’d like to fill in the empty space with updates and Candy Bottom’s content. Perhaps I’ll ask him to make some more anime-related content!

CH13: Evil Big Sister Goes To Boot Camp

🚩 “He’s pretty in the face, thick in the hips.” 🚩 CH13: Evil Big Sister Goes To Boot Camp https://www.psmanga.com/psmn2218/chapter-13-evil-big-sister-goes-to-boot-camp/

Sorry For The Wait!

Sorry for the wait! Chapter 13 might be a little longer than other chapters and with two manga illustrations.

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