Cyberpunk 2077 & Twitch, Nudity Vs Violence

The Bookkeeper

Edward Morgan Forster

“Naked I came into the world, naked I shall go out of it! And a very good thing too, for it reminds me that I am naked under my shirt, whatever it's color.”

With the release of Cyberpunk 2077 I’ve noticed content creators all over the globe ask the same question over and over again, “Is this game against T.O.S, Terms Of Service?”

I’m not much of the gaming type, as I would much rather sit down with a good book. Though I will sometimes watch another play and have fun and at the moment everyone seems to be talking about Cyberpunk 2077. First thing most will notice when playing are the in depth character customizations. Some even being surprised by their ability to customize there breasts, and genitals in a way I’ve never seen in a game before.

Like in Grand Theft Auto, there are strip clubs but so far Cyberpunk takes nudity a bit further by allowing the player a bit more futures. You may even turn off in-game nudity if it’s not something you wish to see for whatever reason you feel.


However, there seems to be this knee jerk reaction towards the naked form. With streaming services like Twitch warning players not to focus on nudity for too long or risk being banned, I can’t seem to help to wonder why the focus of a naked body would be “criminalized” while the focus of violence is seen as something accepted.

In the game Dead By Daylight, you can play as a killer with a good number of ways to kill other players. Like a game of hide and seek but bloody. I’ve seen it played, and I’ve seen characters get hanged on spikes. There are many like it, quickly putting First Person Shooters at the bottom of the list of violent games. Something I personally have no problem with even if I don’t play them.

What I find confusing is why breasts or a penis is seen as taboo while violence is seen as normal? I’ve never seen someone’s life be destroyed by the concept of nudity and yet here we are in a time where content creators worry about being banned for wanting to focus on such things as sex and nudity. It’s okay to kill and look over your handiwork as long as you don’t show a breast for too long?

I leave you with this…

Twitch and other platforms have a right to allow whatever they please on their platforms, however, how did it get to the point where nudity becomes worse than violence? The human body is naturally attractive on many levels. A “drug” that can’t be beaten by any other perhaps and would be capable of destroying your life if you let it. Maybe such restrictions on nudity help us focus. Or perhaps such restrictions sexually starve the masses causing more rape. I suppose as long as it’s violence and not nudity, Twitch will allow it, In-game of course.


The Bookkeeper

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