Do Artists & YouTuber’s Think About This?

The Bookkeeper

Let me start by saying these are merely things I think about from time to time and today I figured I should put it down on paper.

Over the years I’ve seen artists and other content creators all over the internet, censored for one reason or another. Pick a platform and I’m sure an outspoken voice has been put down at least once, whether or not they were wrong.

“What Do All Platforms Have In Common?”

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • DeviantArt
  • Twitter

All of them and others alike, belong to somebody and that somebody might not share the same views as you or I. None of them truly have your best interests in mind. The only one who cares about your work the most should be you. All other websites simply use you to grow their own goals as long you fit inside their “box” of creativity. You could always move to a new place but still, you’re in a box, under someone else’s rules and ideals.


Understand that this box of creativity does not belong to you, but to the platform you’re using… unless you make your own platform. We’ve not had much of a problem with censorship and this studio has adopted a strong policy of not answering to anyone. Of course, we love to hear comments on our work, both bad and good but we refuse to “bend the knee” to anyone seeking to have influence over our content.

“How do you make a living off what you enjoy?”

That’s hard to say… people can easily say “Draw how and what you want. Just draw for yourself and enjoy what you create. Supporters will come naturally.” I agree with the idea but in practice how is this done? How do you draw for yourself and hope others will enjoy it enough to watch and support your work? Creators wish to create for a living as it’s something they enjoy doing. Not all artists are as talented or as skilled as one another. One may say “they don’t have to be” well on a philosophical level… no one has to be anything. But the truth of the matter is, not everyone can be great. Not at the same time at least…

At the end of the day what truly matters is what makes you happy.

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