Girl Power Replacing Jonny Depp In New Pirates Of The Caribbean

The Bookkeeper

Assuming that you already know that there has been “talk” about Jonny Depp being removed from the next adventure and that the new writer for the next movie is Christina Hodson, writer of Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. I don’t think replacing Jonny Depp with “lots of girl power” is a good idea, here’s why.

There are a lot of female actors and characters whom I love but not because they’re female, but because of the writing and story. Take the reboot of “Ghost Busters” or “Charlie’s Angels 2019,” not very memorable in comparison to their counterparts. They could have been great movies but it was far too politicly charged. That could have been due to the gender hating fans and/or the media hyping up a narrative that may not have been the producer’s idea. The Twilight Saga might have had its moments but it wasn’t politicly charged.

News Media Replacing Hollywood

Lately, it feels as if every movie is being twisted into this new platform for narrative pushing. It’s as if Hollywood had been taken over by the news media. I sadly can’t vouch for others but I for one watch movies to break away from daily life and just unwind. But how are people supposed to do this if everywhere they go and look is nothing more than a narrative being pushed into your face? In terms of movies, the majority don’t wanna see “SJW 5” Or “Return Of The Narrative,” Even to those that do live such an angry lifestyle, that surely can’t be healthy, but I digress.

All Female Backlash

The reason a lot of all-female content ends up “struggling,” is that there’s so much underlining anger and frustration, pretty much negative energy that a lot of readers and watchers aren’t looking for. It’s a bit like how Steven’s Universe is a lovely cartoon, with clear underlines of a narrative if you look for it. I never really paid it any mind, until the fanbase really wanted to drive home the meaning in a way I found uncomfortable.

I feel people should just make a balanced movie, with balanced characters. You can make all characters female, sure, or all males, that’s just fine. But things change when the reason becomes a political narrative. Something that’s hard to avoid when your fanbase might try to push one onto your creation.

Lastly, I’ll end by stating that, rebooting a movie with an all-female cast shows the writer’s fear of failing and eagerness to belittle or combat the fans of the original. All to stir the pot for more drama, in the end turning your passion into a twisted monster, like a bad parent.


The Bookkeeper


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