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The Bookkeeper

It’s been about 12 months since the first Kickstarter post; When Detective Red: I Choose You! reached $391. And another $300 for the 2nd Kickstarter named Detective Red: Love Or Lust. What I’ve decided to do is take both books and merge them into one. The first is a bit more of a prologue after all while the 2nd book is a little over 58,000 words. So from here on out, Detective Red: Love Or Lust is the first book this studio has published.

I was thinking about publishing the book with other places like Amazon and Google. And although it looks so much easier to do that than build up my library website and app, I’ve decided not to. After all, no one likes being told what not to create but I digress.

Now about Detective Red and other stories. It’s a big universe and every book in my library is connected. The book, Star Crossed, being the “center” of that universe. Being the first to be written, it’s the most important story.  However, I’ve decided to share with you other stories first, Detective Red, specifically. With a little bit of romance and action, I still find it hard to label this story properly. If I’m being honest, I think it’s less about Detective work and more about Abby, the bandaged up Abra. Abby and her growing sense of self while trying to handle her ever-expanding reality. Even I’m not too sure how it’ll play out for her. Lastly, I want to thank all of the Kickstarter supporters of this library. Your support big and small will help this studio grow and invest in bigger and better things. But first, the goal is to make and publish books and animations.


Speaking of video content, thank you all for going to my little Candy’s live streams. Candy has helped my library reach 10,000 plus followers across the board. I’ve been doing my best to make PSManga.com/live a better place for viewers to watch Candy’s streams without Youtube and Twitch but feel free to watch Candy from anywhere you like, after all, I do make sure he’s able to stream to every platform at once.

Lastly, I’ve still not decided on the next story. What I’m going to do is let Detective Red’s story rest, for a little while so I can bring you another story. Bye-bye for now and thank you so much for following my library. I hope you enjoy the book.

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