There Will Always Be A New Web-Novel!

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There Will Always Be A New Web-Novel!

While this Kickstarter may not work out, the book will still be published and the library will be on to the next one over and over again for years to come! The library has an endless amount of content ready though the goal will always be quality over quantity with the future goal of producing anime on our own servers, our own network even our own devices! Sounds like a bit much but when it comes to fighting censorship, it will never be enough.

We've Been Hard At Work!

  • Faster Website

  • Mobile-Friendly Or App!

  • Paypal and Patreon Integration

For The Sake Of Fighting Censorship!

What the library has decided to do is make all Webnovels available at www.PSManga.com for a small sub. While Kickstarter backers don’t need to subscribe for a book they’ve backed, you may still subscribe.

$5 Sub to read everything.

Right now being two books with a 3rd on the way as of writing this 7/13/2021

$10 for early access to chapters of the next book.

$50 for access to NSFW content when available.

Pretty much Patreon but without the chances of being censored. And yes the library also has a Patreon that is linked to www.PSManga.com meaning quick and easy access to content the moment you sign up. While the library does not like Patreon for its censorship, it’s still an option for those who love it.

Lastly, thank you for the support, and stay tuned for the next book. Because with or without Kickstarter, there will always be a new book!

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