Kimi Soft Paw, former Queen of Pleasure

“Out of all those I’ve raped, killed and eaten over the years as Queen, I can comfortably say I regret none of it… But when I saw the light fade from his eyes, I knew I made a horrible mistake.”

Kimi Soft Paw, former Queen of Pleasure

Former Queen of Chaton, the great kingdom of pleasure and the closest and only ally of the Orcs. Selfish and intelligent magic users that can use their magic to enhance their speed and strength but are only interested in increasing pleasure. So much so that the first Queen imposed that virgins in all kingdoms must sleep with the Queen of Chaton before anyone else. This single-handedly put them at war with the world when Kimi took the throne. Even attacking Heaven and Hell to punish those who disobeyed. 

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Prince Adam & The Man-Eating Queens

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