Detective Red Light-Novel Vol 1 & Vol 2

Backed By Kickstarter Twice!

Detective Red is a thrilling adult story about a young detective with a deep fear of the world, specifically the monsters that live in it. One of those monsters just so happens to be a rare shiny Abra that Red took in when she was lost, alone and badly wounded. Although the young detective hates her kind, and would rather see them all dead, the little one saved her life for reasons at the moment are unknown. Red named the Pokemon that sparkles in the moonlight, Abby.

With scars too deep to heal, Abby finds herself enjoying the time she spends with the young detective. To her, Red is brave and fearless, at least on the outside. But that’s more than enough for the traumatized monster who clings to the young detective for adventure, protection, and affection.

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