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My library was created to keep woke censorship away from my books and to avoid unfair algorithms. Logging in gets you early access to one extra chapter. Like, and comment for a chance to win a free month subscription and earn points! Shop coming soon. :D

My library was created to keep woke censorship away from my books and to avoid unfair algorithms. Logging in gets you early access to one extra chapter. Like, and comment for a chance to win a free month subscription and earn points!

Shop coming soon. :D

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Fear, Thy Name Is Violet

Our walk together was a bit like mine and grandmother’s however more around the palace.

“You must find it odd to see so many of your family members together,” Said Violet.

“Not really.” I blurted out without thinking, causing Violet to flinch with a sad smile. “I mean… perhaps a little. You’re all normally so busy so I spend most of my time with Elyon, Alias, and… the horses.”

My fingers dug into my clothing a bit more. I was still holding the mask underneath and over my lap.

“The life of a royal can be a lonesome one…” Violet sang. “That’s why you should keep your friends close and make them where you can; True friends of course. While you’re out in the world, you’re going to see things you’ve never seen before. I wanted to show you around the kingdom personally but grandmother feels it might be for the best that you experience the world alone. As in… without direct… royal influence.”

“I would actually prefer to have someone of knowledge with me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a tad frightened.”

“The words of the empress must be heard and obeyed. However…” She crouched down to my eye level and took my hands into hers. “As long as you hold me in your heart, I’m sure you’ll find your way home safely.” Violet always had the softest eyes to go along with her voice. She might have been strict, being sure to teach me what it means to be of royal blood but I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Before I knew it, her lips pressed to mine. Her touch encouraged my lips to open ever so slightly, to accept her into me, in a way I’ve never felt before. Time seemed to stop as the warm breeze blew past us. As she finally pulled away, her thumb slipped across my lips. “I might not be able to spend day and night with you, but I want you to know I love you, Adam. Much more than you know. I’m only telling you now because I’m afraid… I’m afraid of the world that might take you from me. For the longest time, I knew you would always be here when I came back… but now that you’re taking your first steps into the real world, I fear that one day when I wake up… the cruel world would have taken my dear brother’s life.”

With my face flushed, my gaze scanned hers before a thought came to mind.

“Did you tell Elyon not to allow me in the stables?”

“I’m… impressed you were able to figure that out,” She paused giving me a puzzled look before going on to say, “I informed her some time ago to keep you away from anything and anyone that would do you harm… I even informed her to keep you away from Alais… however you simply refused to obey her… in turn, you refused to obey me,” Violet explained.

“Alais is my best friend,” I began with conviction in my tone. “I’ll die before she becomes anything less than that.”

“… Your words… they cut deeper than any knife.” She teared up before going on to say; “At the same time… it gives me hope that you will never attempt to soil these hands… with the blood of another. You may befriend all the demons of the world… but the moment you take the life of another… there will be no going back. You’ll have to live with that for the rest of your life, and it would kill me inside. So please… find a way to stay clean. No matter how far you go, even if it’s into the stars themselves, never take the life of another.”

“What of those who wish to take the lives of someone I care about?”

“… Forgive me, Adam… for I am selfish.”

Our walk around the palace didn’t last much longer, only because we cut through to the front where four large beautiful horses waited patiently. I wanted to think up names for them right then and there! The next thing I noticed was the carriage.

“Violet, the carriage… it seems a bit… odd.”

“Well, of course, it’s a tad bigger than most. Not only is it bigger but it has a bed with plenty of pillows in the back with thick curtains to block out the sun when you wish to sleep on your long trips.” She said, helping me into the carriage where Apple and Alais waited. Now that I think about it, I think she guided me inside to keep me from bothering the horses.

“Long trip? I thought I was merely getting clothing for myself and Alais? How long will it take me?”

“As long as you like. In the distance, past the trees is a wall that reaches all around the palace. Beyond that, is the city flowing with life. It should only take you an hour to get there,” Violet Explained.

“I don’t remember much,” Apple began, “But like reading and writing, I understand the social norms of a city.”

Apple was resting inside the carriage, next to the entrance.

“Speaking of reading and writing.” My sister took out a bright blue book, handing it to Apple. “I took the liberty of jotting down a few important notes.”

“A few? It appears to be nothing less than a novel!” I said.

I only needed to give a glance over my shoulder at the thick book. At the time I seemed a bit more interested in exploring the carriage.

“That’s true,” She chuckled before looking at Apple. “In terms of recollection, the prince is without a doubt the best in all the land. However, his impulsive behavior seems to get the better of him. That’s where you come in, Apple. Do your best in keeping my brother from any negative outcomes.”

“I will, Lady Violet,” Apple said, hugging the book to his chest. “But what of Alais.”

He glanced over at the large Orc woman fast asleep in the royal bed. It was a large bed for me, but a tad too small for Alais. Hearing her name, caused me to give Apple my full attention.

“Alais is my responsibility. I’ll be sure to take care of her.” I kneeled in the bed next to her head, giving her a small pat, and quickly found out she was merely resting her eyes when her hand swatted mine away. “Ah! You ungrateful brute!” I lashed out, pinching both of her cheeks.

We said our goodbyes and we were off, passing through the land I’d never seen before.

“Here’s something interesting, Your Highness. The land around the palace is vast, meaning, even after we’re halfway there, it will still be your lawn.”

“Amazing as it is, what purpose would this have?” I asked.

“I’m not quite sure,” Apple said, giving it some thought.

“Alais?” I asked.

“What!?” She snapped.

“Do you know?”

“I’m sure it’s for the purposes of war. Fill up the land around the palace with your army and you have a near unbreakable defense. With room and resources to construct a counter-attack.”

“That… does make sense,” Apple said.

“Alais was a Queen after all. She has never lost a fight in her life.”

“She’s… no longer a Queen?” Apple asked.

“She’s a Queen to me… an ungrateful one! Stop scratching your butt. It’s not ladylike.”

“Yea, and you’re more of a lady than me,” She yawned. “Give me that thing.”

“You can at least say please,” I said, as she snatched the mask from my hand.

“I’ll think about it.”

She placed it on her face, making every hair on her body turn white once again. Every hair, as in her head and crotch while shrinking. She lay there on her side, relaxing, scanning her young figure before directing her gaze in random directions.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

“I feel amazing…” She answered with a low growl.

Though there was a noticeable high pitch to her voice now. Her focus seemed to land on a pillow in bed. She reached out, swiftly punching a hole in it with her finger before pulling out a glowing blue jewel and crushing it in her hand.

“Please don’t destroy random things,” I said, picking up the pillow that now had a hole in it.

“That right there… was a magical item. This mask you made is not magical in the slightest.”

“Why was it hidden in a pillow?” I asked.

“Don’t know, don’t care,” Alais droned while flicking the remains of the crystal off her fingertips.

“Well, how did you even know it was there?!”

“I recall having a 6th sense when I was younger. I suppose this mask changes much more than my look.”

“Really? Let me have a try, please.”


“Wha!” I gasped. “What do you mean, no? Hand it over!”

I lunged at her to no avail. Sadly just because she was younger, didn’t mean I was any closer to overpowering her.

“Hey?” She said softly while palming my chest and staring deep into my eyes.

I was a tad taken aback by this.

“Hmm? What is it, are you famished?”

“I was gonna tell you to shut up but, yeah I can go for a meal,” She said.

“Oh, Ms. Elyon gave us a few baskets worth of food, Your Highness.”

Apple pointed out. We would have stopped and set up a nice spot under the sun but I didn’t want to make our trip into town any longer than it needed to be. Also, I’m sure Alais would have taken off running and gotten sweaty. But having traveled this far, seeing so much open land, I was still a tad baffled by the fact we still hadn’t left the grace of the palace even though It was nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t help myself, I was occupied with doing the math. Coming to the conclusion that we were about five miles away. We finished our meals, even being sure to give some to Mr. Henry. I gave him my apologies for not greeting him, but like the servants in the palace, I tried not to disrupt him from his task. Not that I was in the mood to do much of anything after our meal. I drifted off to sleep, the moment I felt my bed’s warm embrace.



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A baby-faced little boy who's tougher than he looks with a smart mouth, and a pretty little girl with a mean right hook and a foul mouth.

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