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My library was created to keep woke censorship away from my books and to avoid unfair algorithms. Logging in gets you early access to one extra chapter. Like, and comment for a chance to win a free month subscription and earn points!

Shop coming soon. :D

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What Makes You Smile?

Thanks to Kimi’s accident I was able to get dressed and back in my carriage without Kimi’s antics. This time Mr. Bark was our coachman and that filled me with excitement. There was so much more for me to learn about him but at least I got the chance to do so. I don’t know, maybe I’m strange when I say, I just love making new friends.

“Alais, aren’t you excited that you get to see your old friend?” Apple asked as he looked up from a book he brought along. If you’re wondering, it’s about a little snake that wished it could fly. Perhaps one of my favorite books.

“I’ll admit, things are getting interesting. But I’m not gonna hold my breath,” She said.

“It almost feels like His Highness has become your knight and shining armor,”

Apple chuckled while resting on the floor of the carriage, gazing down into a book he borrowed. Alais claimed my bed while I sat in a seat with Kimi’s head in my lap. I pretended not to hear the conversation as it only made me flush with embarrassment. Pretending that I was far too engrossed in running my fingers through Kimi’s fur, to help her wake-up be a bit smoother. Wouldn’t want her to wake up and start clawing at everything in a panic. Then again she might just claw at me for the fun of it. I tried not to think about it, focusing more on how much happier Alais would be with Kimi around. Yes, I still needed information from Kimi but… anything to put Alais in better spirits, I say.

“A knight, nah. More like a snack,” Alais mused.

“Shouldn’t you show His Highness a bit more respect? He is royalty after all,” Apple said.

Alais gave a small yawn before saying, “I remember when he used to shit himself.”

“I was a baby,” I snapped.

“You were five and to this day you keep almost getting yourself killed. You’ve got death knocking on your door, and you keep trying to answer it.”

“And I have Alais, The Ungrateful watching said door, so I see no problem,” I said.

I glanced at her with a smile but flinched when I looked back at Kimi. She was wide awake staring intensely into my very soul. Slowly tears streamed down her cheeks and I thumbed them away with a smile.

“I only wish for His Highness to avoid punishment from Her Majesty,” Apple began. “If you’re found not giving proper respect, His Highness would be blamed.” He explained while reading; Something I would find hard to do as sometimes a good book can make one block out the world.

“You know,” I began. “I’ve known Alais ever since I was born. And now that I think about it, I’ve never heard her once speak to any of my sisters nor mother. Why is that?”

“For the same reason you don’t talk to your food.”

With a smile, I said, “Alais, you will always have a place in my heart.”

Kimi brought me a bit of concern, however. She continued to stare at me for a few minutes after waking up. Her sharp eyes felt as if they were either trying to cut through me or figure out If I was real or not. In the end, it would be a while for her to adjust, hopefully for the better.

“Apple?” Alais called out softly. “Can I see that book for a second?”

“Oh um… Sure, of course.” He set a bookmarker before closing it. “What do you need it for?” He asked, handing it to her.

Without saying a word, Alais took the book and threw it to the side of Kimi’s head.

“Ah! You filthy fucking piece of shit slut!” Kimi yelled as she shot up from my lap, glaring in Alais’s direction.

“I was aiming for the boy. But since I have your attention, your head is broken, fix it before you cause any more trouble.”

“You clearly forget who you’re talking to,” Kimi stood up, moving closer to Alais. Her tail wrapped around my hand pulling me with her. “I’m the Chaton Queen. I’m literal perfection.”

With a slight struggle, I picked up the tossed book and handed it back to Apple.

“Kimi, we’re on our way to get new clothing for the ball. Can I trust you not to cause a scene?” I asked with a weary smile. She turned around to face me with her fists on her hips. Her sharp eyes scanned me for a moment before scratching the back of her head. It was as if she wanted to answer but wasn’t too sure. It’s good to see she wasn’t a liar. “How about this… I’m going to give you something that you must promise never to remove.”

“An engagement ring? You know I don’t think I’m ready for such a commitment.” She said, cupping her face in embarrassment. “But I’ll do it for my kingdom. It better be expensive.”

“It’s not an engagement ring,” I said as I dug through the carriage storage. “Apple, you grabbed my sketchbook, yes?”

“I did, Your Highness.”

He reached under the seat and handed it to me.

“Thank you,”

“You’re going to sketch me something, really?” Kimi said in disbelief. “You’re barely old enough to lick yourself.”

“Humans don’t lick themselves,” I said casually while sitting down on the side of the bed.

“I’ve done this once before with Alais’s mask. I’ll draw you a… collar… with… a bell.” I paused trying to focus on the sketch. “This will help you know if you’re dreaming aside from pinching yourself.”

“So you know creation magic, that’s really impressive. How will this help me?” She asked, leaning over to look down at my sketch.

“Well, you remember when we talked about not being able to feel pain in a dream? Well, this caller will give you a slight shock throughout the day.”

“Why the hell would I want that?”

“Because you’re not well, Kimi. You can be a bit unstable at times. You might snap and eat me.”

“Say no more, stupid boy,” Kimi said, causing Apple to frown at the disrespect. “That’s where you’re wrong. I don’t eat anything under eighteen.”

“Bullshit,” Alais blurted out.

“I never lie, you bitch!”

She swiped her paw, trying to claw at Alais’s feet. Luckily she pulled her foot away just in time. Sadly the bedding underneath was cut impressively deep but what surprised me the most was Alais’s self-restraint.

“See,” I began. “That’s what I mean by unstable. If that were to happen with normal people, I’d be responsible,” I explained.

Kimi sat up straightened and crossed her arms as she said, “You should command her to never call me a liar.”

“I’ve never given her a command. She does as she pleases because she shows self-restraint. Though she vexes me at times.” I scooted closer to Kimi, allowing the sketchbook to rest on both our laps. “Now let’s focus. What’s something you enjoy.”

“What do I enjoy? As your Queen, you should already know this. You should really let me hang you by your neck. It would be good for you.” She said with a smirk, looking at me like I was a fool.

“Relax,” I cooed with a smile. “Take a deep breath… and think…. What’s something you like?” Her smirk faded into sadness with a bit of confusion. While she seemed to be less hostile, she remained silent; A tad lost as if anything not hostile or violent was the most complex thing in the world. “Maybe… something that smells nice?” I paused for a moment but still no reply. “How about lavender?”

“Ah, I love lavender! You…” She pointed at Apple who looked up from his book. “It’s pretty stupid of you not to have lavender oils in my bath. Do you wish to be castrated again?”

I gave a head shake for Apple not to answer before I said, “Lavender it is, Kimi. This collar will smell like lavender to help calm your thoughts.”

“I refuse. You may be adorable, but I refuse to let you collar me like some house pet.”

“That’s funny because a house pet is all I see,” Alais said. “Try walking to the other side of this carriage.”

With a smirk, Kimi stood up and took a single step, swaying ever so slightly. Finding it hard to move from my side.

“Perhaps… a crown, instead of a collar,” I said, causing Kimi to quickly sit back down next to me.

“Of course! A crown that shows my greatness!”

“Almost like an angel’s halo!” I said, only to receive a disgusted look from Kimi.

“Ugh, don’t compare me to those up-tight rats with wings. Right before the start of the war, they tried to warn Alais and me not to fight. Saying we would lose, proved them wrong of course. That’s until they started dropping burning rocks on our heads.”

My eyes were almost popping out of my skull as I twisted to face Alais. “Alais, is this true?”

“Hey, you brat,” Kimi began. “My words are as good as gold!”

“It’s true,” Alais said. “Not the gold part but yeah, that’s pretty much what happened.”

“I don’t remember any of this in my studies! Apple?”

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. I don’t remember anything.”

“Oh… I see.” Directing my gaze towards Kimi, I asked; “Do you remember anything else?”

“Well, it was hard to tell who they were as they didn’t give off the feeling of angels. I’m proud to say I’ve killed at least a dozen from every species, so trust me when I say… I don’t know who or what the fuck they were. They were the meanest and the most argent things I’ve ever seen. I remember they were upset with Alais for eating children. The odd part is they didn’t give fuck about anything else aside from that. They even vowed to…” Kimi slowly began to smirk when she noticed how I was hanging on her every word. “I’m giving you all this information but what do I get in return, hmm?”

“W…well… tender love and care.”

“That’s a given. Become my betrothed, and I’ll tell you what they said.”

“Alais, do you know what they said?” I asked, trying my luck with her.

“Hey, I was talking to you!” Kimi retorted.

“I don’t remember,” Alais said, closing her eyes to rest.

I flinched, feeling a sharp pain in my leg, and said, “Please don’t scratch me, Kimi. That hurts.”

“Then don’t ignore me. Hurry and make my crown.”

“Okay, okay…” I sighed, going back to sketching. It looked like a simple white headband but in the center was a small symbol. The same symbol grandmother pinned to my clothing. “There… and now we wait.”

“That’s not how creation magic works,” Kimi said as a matter of fact.

“What do you mean?”

“You have to do something. Not just sit there with your thumb up your,”

The familiar sound of grinding metal could be heard. And right before our eyes, there was Kimi’s new crown.

“There… all done. Amazing right?”

Kimi squinted her eyes and said, “That’s not magic, I’m not putting that on my head.”

“Oh come on, you too? Alais said the same thing.”

“Because it isn’t magic! She doesn’t even have a magic bone in her body and she can tell you that’s not magic,” Kimi said.

“Then what else could it be?” I held it up to my face, giving it a closer look, I soon gasped as an idea came to mind.“What if, I’ve angel blood in my, blah!” My words cut short thanks to Kimi’s paw pressing into my face, as she took the smooth white crown from my grasp.

“In your butt? Doubt it. Everyone knows the royal family is a bunch of tight asses. But I’ll dispose of this… whatever the hell it is just in case.”


I lunged at her, and both of us ended up rolling around on the floor.

“Your Highness, please don’t!” Apple cried out, holding out his hands, unsure of how to handle the situation.

The rolling around was cut short as Kimi’s black fur turned white and her body was made younger. I sat up on top of her with wide eyes, wondering how she felt now that she had the crown on.

“You’re such a pretty kitty.”

“Why… are you staring at me?” Kimi asked softly and with a bit calmer personality I noted, or at least that’s what I hoped. My hand reached behind me where Apple sat.

“Oh uhm… one moment, Your Highness.” I have to give Apple credit for this because without saying a word, he knew I wanted a mirror.

“Thank you, Apple.” I handed it to Kimi who sat up as I slid back off her lap. I noticed her tail wrapping around my foot seemed to slip off ever so slightly. As if it couldn’t decide if it wanted to hold on or let go.

“Your fur is as white as snow,” Apple gasped in amazement. “Do you feel… any different?” He asked.

“Hmm… I’m unsure. I am a tad hungry.”

“Would you like some fruit with your sandwich?” Apple asked.

Kimi gave a small frown with a bit of confusion. “Sandwich, so the humans no longer burn witches but cook them, on the sand I assume?”

“N… no.” Apple chuckled. “A sandwich is pretty much anything edible you can place between two slices of bread. Preferably sliced meat from livestock.” Apple explained as he handed her one wrapped in cloth, from a basket. “That’s pork.”

“Really?” Kimi unwrapped and eyed it for a little while, before taking a bite. “It’s good. Any wine?”

“No, I’m sorry. Although His Highness did think to bring milk.” He offered.

“You still suckle?” Kimi asked me while casually taking another bite.

This caused me to blush with a small smile as I said, “This all must be a surprise for you.”

“Avoiding the question I see.” Kimi flashed a smirk. “I’ll take some milk please.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Apple said.

“Kimi, you seem to be doing better,” I said with a smile.

“It seems that way.”

“Although if what Alais says about you is true, you seem less like yourself.”

“Really? What am I like?” She asked, watching Apple add water to a powder before mixing it.

“Well, you fight and drink a lot.”

“That’s it?” She asked me as she took her drink from Apple, giving it a small sniff.

“And… you share your bed with many.” I cleared my throat only to receive a cup of water from Apple. “Thank you,” I said.

“I vaguely remember that,” Kimi mused.

“She really missed you,” I whispered.

“Hmm…” She took a sip.

“Apple, you said this was milk… and yet I saw you mix water with powder.”

“Well, Ms. Kimi,” Apple began, “Some time ago after the war, humans found a way to turn milk into a powder.”

“To make it last longer, I’d assume?” She asked.

“Exactly!” Apple said, excitedly.

“Hmm…” Her eyes studied Apple before looking my way. “Thank you, Adam.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just milk.”

“No, I mean thank you for being patient with me. In the little time, I’ve known you, you’ve shown more strength than most I’ve met. So small and yet as I watched your mother threaten to feed you to… her…” She gave a nod in Alais’s direction. “You didn’t even cry or beg. I find both you and your valet strange.”

I glanced at Apple with question who seemed a bit more focused on the book he was reading.

“I swore to never cry in front of Alais,” I said.

“That’s pretty brave of you. If I’m not mistaken, I’d say you fancy her. However, you’re a tad too small for such a beast, in the… pleasure department. Have you thought about becoming someone’s betrothed?”

I was flushed, while Kimi was calmer, her words were still blunt objects she used to beat me over the head.

“You seem adamant about this,” I said. “Could you explain your reasoning? I assume it’s for something political for your kingdom?”

“Adam,” She delicately placed down her meal off to the side. “I’ve been gone for too long, I may as well be dead to my kingdom, that’s If they’re even still around. With how… unreasonable my kind is, trying to control them would be an uphill battle unless they were given something pretty good in return.” She took another sip from her cup before handing it to Apple. “You may have stolen my heart when I first laid eyes on you… and you locked it in a cage when you pulled me from mine. But sadly, no matter how I look at it, I feel being my betrothed will do you… some good. As you’ve been told before, you’re going to die. You’ve two former Queens in your circle; Queens that almost succeeded in turning the world, heaven, and hell into livestock. Whatever reason your mother has for allowing such a thing, I’m sure you’re not gonna come out on top. Adam,” she paused for a moment to look me over. “You’re a nine-year-old human male who’s going to suffer… and then you’re going to die and then after… you will be tortured until the end of days if you stay on this path.”

“If…” I glanced off to the side while breathing in and out slowly. “I’m being honest, I don’t very much care about any of that. Not including your feelings of course.” I cleared my throat, blushing slightly as I went on. “I only wish to see the world with my best friend.”

“That’s adorable,” Kimi mused.

“That crown has really changed you,” Apple said.

“I do look nicer with white fur… though I could go without the being younger part.”

“Oh, I almost forgot to feed Alais.”

“Uhm… Your Highness? Alais has instructed me to tell you she’s not hungry.”

“Wh… why can’t she just tell me herself?”

“She also said because she’s sleeping right now and you don’t… um… know when to stop talking.”

“Did she say shut up?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Of course she did.”



Don't Cross The Bridge

A baby-faced little boy who's tougher than he looks with a smart mouth, and a pretty little girl with a mean right hook and a foul mouth.

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