Don't Cross The Bridge

Cap is a small eleven-year-old, baby-faced orphan who teens hate & is tougher than he looks

Dorothy is an eleven-year-old orphan who's as pretty as her mouth is foul.

The Bookkeeper's Webnovel

Taking place in the 1900s, a delinquent eleven-year-old orphan stumbles upon a mysterious letter that offers him riches in exchange for guarding a bridge. Accepting the offer, he finds every night to be more challenging than the last. With the help of his best friend, a delinquent young tomboy who loves to fight as much as he does, the two begin to unknowingly answer the age-old question; What would you do for money and what wouldn’t you do for your best friend?

Free Chapter One

Bookkeeper Comic ep 1 (4) F I

Normally each book published by my library is no less than 50k words. However, I've decided to release short stories as well. Stories that you may follow.

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