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Chapter Eight

New Beginnings

The officers questioned the two in length with Sister Mary there as the ever-watchful guardian. They were surprised by how unaffected Dorothy seemed to be, though the sudden death stare she gave one of the nuns a few moments ago had everyone worried if only a little. Cap confessed that he had gone to a shooting range to check out the guns. While it was the truth, it wasn’t the whole truth. Either way, Sister Mary made the two promise never to go back there, if they ever hoped to leave the orphanage again. Dorothy agreed though she was always a respectful girl. Sister Mary was more interested in Cap. He never lied but only because he refused to make promises he didn’t plan on keeping. Protesting, he finally conceded, promising never to go there ever again.

Dorothy checked her pocket watch, seeing that there was still time to meet up with Smiley. Getting the okay from Sister Mary, she couldn’t help but be surprised by how concerned she was for their health, and safety but also be relaxed enough to allow them free roam once again. Though today Sister Mary was adamant about them taking an umbrella even though it wasn’t raining. All that being said, she still couldn’t help but have mixed feelings about Sister Mary. When the two were finally alone, making their way toward the bridge, Dorothy finally said;

“I’m sorry… for what I said.”

“Sorry for what?” He leaned his head to the side still sporting that innocent smile that both annoyed her, and made her heart melt.

“Yesterday… I told you to shut up.”

“Hm? No, you didn’t,” He said.

Dorothy’s eyes opened wide, as she wondered how long she was unconscious.

“Yesterday, you said, hey Cap?… Could you just shut the f up? But f as in, the f word.”

“What, fuck? Just say fuck.”

“Sometimes you can get your point across without cursing,” He said.

“… Whatever. But where did you go?! I looked everywhere for you. I thought… you were just a ghost, and I was going crazy.”

“Me a ghost?” He chuckled. “And you go crazy? I don’t think so. The day you go crazy is the day Sister Mary runs around town in just her bloomers,” He laughed.

Dorothy stopped walking and dropped the umbrella. She reached out, and shook him lightly by the shoulders, hoping to shake his brain back into place.

“Listen Capo, where… exactly… did… you… go?!”

His smile fell from his lips as he scanned her face with slight confusion.

“… You were being rude so… I didn’t wanna talk to you.”

“WHERE!” She roared. “WHERE DID YOU GO?!”

“Yelling at a Capo?” A familiar voice chimed in causing the both of them to turn their gaze towards Mr. Smiley, and an older man Dorothy met at the library. “Now I know I’m dreaming,” Smiley said with a chuckle.

“Smiley,” She said with a small blush. Dorothy quickly noticed the old man next to him. “Mr. Ricci?”

“A Capo, huh?” Mr. Ricci asked with a raised brow. “I might be old but I’m pretty sure no one’s stupid enough to make a baby-faced kid a Capo.”

Cap quickly pointed a finger at Dorothy and said;

“She’s dumb enough.”

Smiley snorted while Dorothy stood there feeling a tad deflated.

“Mr. Ricci, thank you for saving me,” She said,

“Sure kid, gun safety is the most important, according to the ball & chain back home.”

“No, I mean. The kidnappers from last night.”

The two men took a moment to glance at each other.

“Listen, kid, my wife wants you over for dinner,” The old man said.

“How does your wife know me?” Dorothy asked.

“Well when a kid goes around throwing out hundred dollar bills like candy, word gets around. Trust me, kid, my wife makes the finest dishes. It’s why I keep her around. Don’t tell her I said that.”

“It’ll be the first thing I tell her if her cooking is bad,” Cap blurted out.

Mr. Ricci frowned before what he said, sank it.

“Ah, I see. Pretty clever. You had plans with a… Smiley was it?” He mused. 

“We can’t go to the range again. Sister Mary made us promise,” Cap said.

“Mary?” Mr. Ricci asked with slight shock. Even Smiley was surprised. 

“You’re both from her orphanage?” Smiley asked.

“You know her?” Dorothy asked, seeing her chance to get information.

“Perhaps the most famous woman in the nation, and let’s just say any boy would be lucky to live under the same roof as her,” Mr. Ricci mused.

“Enough talk, let’s eat!” Cap said cheerily, raising his hand towards the sky. Unlike Dorothy, he didn’t seem to care about the unknown. She glanced at her friend for a moment before focussing back on the old man.

“He accepts your offer for brunch but I want the money back.”

“Sorry kid, it’s gone,” Smiley said.

“Don’t worry about it, kid,” Mr. Ricci added.

Annoyed, Dorothy didn’t protest. After all, they saved her life and were now inviting the both of them over for dinner. The smart thing to do was ask Sister Mary for permission. But fuck her, Dorothy decided. The drive took about fifteen minutes. She made sure to keep a close eye on her pocket watch when perhaps she should have kept a closer eye on where they were going. Looking outside the car window, wide open fields could be seen. A perfect spot to grow corn, or hide a body, she thought. The vehicle came to a stop in front of a beautiful white, two-story farmhouse. On the porch sitting cozy in a rocking chair was a woman who looked about fifty. She wore a beautiful blue dress with a matching hat that seemed to speak to Dorothy’s repressed femininity. Slipping from the car first she turned around to help Cap from the car. The woman stood up from her chair and stepped to the edge of the porch with curiosity in her gaze.

“So you’re the two orphans stirring up trouble,” She said, with a tone that was both soft and firm.

“Mary’s orphans,” Mr. Ricci said.

“Mary?! That bible thumper? No wonder you two are causing trouble. Welcome to New Beginnings, children. I’m Mrs. Beatrice, and this is my farm. It should be mine, and my husband’s but the lazy man acts like he’s allergic to dirt,” Noticing the adorable boy looking around a tad confused, she asked; “What’s wrong dear?”

“Well, this land isn’t the proper place to grow rice, Mrs. Rice Beater,” Cap said with slight concern in his tone.

“Oh, you’re adorable. Mind telling me your names?”

“He’s C and I’m Dot,” Dorothy spoke up before Cap could.

“Are those your real names?” Mrs. Beatrice asked patiently. 

“No, ma’am!” Cap blurted out with his right hand raised. “I think that was a lie because she doesn’t trust you. Can we eat now?”

“… Smart girl, if only you smiled more. You’ll never find a husband looking like that unless you two are already dating?” She teased, causing Dorothy’s cheeks to turn pink though her look of annoyance remained.

“Sister Mary doesn’t approve of that,” Cap said as he approached the porch with a smile plastered on his face, the complete opposite of the girl that shadowed close behind him looking as if she didn’t need much of a reason to start fighting.

“Of course, she wouldn’t. That bible thumper. Anyway, I hope you’re hungry,” She gave a warm smile, escorting the two inside.

Dorothy took a peak over her left shoulder to see Smiley and Mr. Ricci still in the car. Smiley gave her a wave that for some reason gave her goosebumps as she watched their car follow a path around the house. She hadn’t even noticed she stopped walking until Cap said something.

“I’m kind of hungry, can we hurry up please?”

She turned and glared at him.

“Then just go inside, damn it!”

“Stop yelling at me! I don’t like it.”

“That’s because you’re acting like a pussy,” She mumbled.

Cap furrowed his brow before turning to walk through the front door. A gasp escaped his lips causing Dorothy to rush inside reaching for her pistol that wasn’t there. She usually kept it tucked deep in her bloomers thanks to her pockets not being big enough. The guys that nabbed her must have taken it from her while she was unconscious. No matter, his gasp was an annoying false alarm. Looking around to see no danger but a wonderland of knick·knacks & trinkets. Sure wasn’t sure if the woman was a collector or just a hoarder. 

“This place is amazing!” Cap said, sidestepping along a wall to get a close view of everything. “Look, look! There are two bunnies in a tie cup, with the two others sad that they can’t get in,” He cooed, “Poor bunnies,” Every word that came out of his mouth, upset Dorothy. But she bottled it up as best she could. They spent some time getting a tad distracted by each decoration. Rain could be heard outside, putting Dorothy in a slightly better mood that she didn’t challenge Sister Mary’s decision to make them carry around an umbrella. Forgetting that he was hungry for a good thirty minutes, Cap’s nose finally registered something amazing in the air. He followed the smell into the dining room where there were more interesting wall decorations. But more importantly, on the table was a mouth-watering meal, with two plates already prepared. Dorothy glanced over each bit of food with suspicion.

“Bout time you two got in here,” Mrs. Beatrice said. “Sit, and eat, children.”

“Eat children?” Cap mused. “Cannibalism is illegal so I’ll just eat around the human meat, thank you.”

“Adorable, and funny,”

“I’ll eat first. Wanna make sure it’s not poisoned, for my friend’s sake,” Cap said as he sat down in the wooden chair with a decorative cushion.

“Don’t be stupid. Who would cook all this food just to ruin it with poison? Just sit down, and eat,” Dorothy said with a clear tone of annoyance.

“Heh, you’re right, I’m starving. Mrs. Beatrice, how do you know Sister Mary?” 

Until now, Mrs. Beatrice remained oddly quiet, Dorothy noticed. The woman was surely up to something, she thought.

“Why, everyone who’s anybody knows, Sister Mary. Her orphanage has the highest adoption rate…” She paused, glancing off to the side deep in thought. “ Highest adoption rate In the world and the education she provides is steadily outperforming even the best universities.”

“And you still don’t like her?” Dorothy asked, though her mouth was a tad full so her words came out a tad garbled.

“I don’t, she sounds too good to be true.”

“I don’t like her either,” Dorothy grumbled while gazing down at her plate.

“How long have you lived there?”

“Five years,” Cap said only after clearing his mouth and whipping it with the napkin. “She’s older by a year but we were transferred from other orphanages at the same time.”

“Oh my, there aren’t very many decent orphanages out there,” The woman said.

“I don’t know about that,” Cap began. “My orphanage taught me how to fight. As in, there were always big kids picking on me.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Children shouldn’t have to grow up in such a hostile environment,” She directed her gaze toward Dorothy. “How about you?”

Dorothy shrugged, lazily forking mashed potatoes, and turkey into her mouth.

“Just a bunch of dumb bitches who didn’t know how to fight.”

“Hm… Mr. Smiles a lot might be able to give you some pointers,” Mrs. Beatrice mused.

“We call him Smiley!” Cap said joyfully.

Dorothy perked up when the conversation changed to Smiley. She shot daggers at Cap for a moment, finding his joyful outburst annoying. Looking back at the woman, Dorothy couldn’t help but smile ever so slightly as she spoke.

“I’ve seen him fight, It was so amazing. There was a guy who was so much bigger than him but it only took him a few seconds to put him down.”

“I think she has a crush on Mr. Smiley,” Cap teased, only receiving an eye roll from Dorothy. “I’m happy for you.”

She was just gonna let it go but the last part sent her over the age. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life with Smiley. Sure he could find and he seemed cool-headed but that didn’t mean she had planned on having his baby. What angered her the most was the fact Cap seemed to just accept that unbelievable future.

“Shut the fuck up!” Dorothy snapped and slammed her fist on the hardwood table. Mrs. Beatrice seemed to ignore it as she ate her meal. Stunned by her own words, Dorothy stared at his blank baby-faced expression. He gave her an innocent confused gaze that successfully pissed her off even further. Recovering from her shock, she clenched her fist once again, finally strengthening her resolve. “You used to be…” She bit her lip for a moment. “Not this! Now every time you speak I just get more and more embarrassed. You’re an embarrassment!” She spat, leaning into her words. “I used to be proud of being your partner, and now…” Dorothy slowly shook her head as she sat up straight in her chair. Her face was scrunched up appalled by the very sight of the boy. He slowly slipped from his chair and stepped over to her. The girl’s heart skipped a beat, knowing that he was gonna fight back. Because it would prove she was wrong about him, and because that’s what the old Cap would do. The boy leaned in, and hugged her, now hearing both the soft rain showering the cozy farmhouse and his gentle breathing.

“You used to be different too,” He began with a whisper. “But the only difference is, I’ve accepted you because you’re the most important thing in the world to me.”

Hearing him say this took her breath away but only for a moment as a spike of rage shot through her. Slamming her forehead into his face, he stumbled back with a broken nose. Cap trembled as his eyes began to fill with tears, and his lungs with air. Dorothy lunged from her place at the table and made a mad dash outside into the rain, to try and avoid it. Her hands cupped her ears to try and block out the boy’s weeping.

Princess Space Marine Number 2218

What happens when you pack 40,000 EVIL little monster girls, into a Galactic Battleship big enough to make Darth Vader slightly proud?


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