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"If you love the culture around true anime & manga then my library has a lot to offer you. With a bit of extra content on the side."

Detective Red

Love Or Lust

Detective Red: Love Or Lust

Word Count

50,000 Plus

Manga Strips



Mature, Science-Fiction, Action, Drama

About This Book

Born and raised in a breeding facility, Abby never knew the world outside; That was until she met a young detective. Seeking to grow ever closer to him, she finds the outside world to be much larger than she could have hoped for. Sometimes even craving the simplicity of her old nothing of a life, where her days were spent making eggs for humans. In fact, the more she thought about it, the more she began to crave it, the egg-making part at most.

Prince Adam

& The Man-Eating Queens

Prince Adam & The Man-Eating Queens

I gave my love to evil and this happened...

Word Count

50,000 Plus


Mature, Fantasy, Action, Drama,

About This Book

A single yet vast powerful and proud bloodline of evil Queens and Princesses, managed to take over the world, heaven and hell. In this bloodline lives a kind little prince. With his evil best friend, the former Unbeatable Orc Queen who was forced into servitude, he ventures from the castle on his 9th birthday to see the world like in his story books. Though he quickly finds out the women of his vast family want him dead. But his determination for a fun and exciting adventure with his best friend, shows that neither death nor torture will keep him from his dreams. While showing the world how cruel he can be if anyone dared harmed his hateful best friend.

Code K.I.D

Kill Incinerate Devour

Code K.I.D

Kill Incinerate Devour

Word Count

50,000 Plus


Mature, Action, Drama, Sci-fi

About This Book

When the planet is dead and no more young are born, snuff out what remains so that their roar of survival is but a whimper. When all is done, sleep and wait for further orders. Sincerely, Mother

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