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My library was created to keep woke censorship away from my books and to avoid unfair algorithms. Logging in gets you early access to one extra chapter. Like, and comment for a chance to win a free month subscription and earn points! Shop coming soon. :D

My library was created to keep woke censorship away from my books and to avoid unfair algorithms. Logging in gets you early access to one extra chapter. Like, and comment for a chance to win a free month subscription and earn points!

Shop coming soon. :D

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Lewder manga illustrations, for now just Princess Space Marine Number 2218 starting on page 11. Can’t guarantee every chapter will have a lewd illustration as the focus is story, but there will be manga every chapter.

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Chapter Two

My Sister Is A Devil Worshiping Bitch

2218 ran through the forest, the wild flora desperately trying to slow her down as her legs and feet ripped through every vine, bush, and root. Thanks to her genetics, she wasn’t able to keep up physically with her sisters but with Sib now embedded into every fabric of her clothing, she was sure she’d be able to go toe to toe with her undefeated mother.

“This is amazing! I knew they were holding out on us but this is ridiculous!” She said, painting with a smile on her face. She panicked as she collided with the side of a massive tree, and instead of stopping, her body ripped a small hole out of it.

“Because it wasn’t made for you!”

“Then who’s this for?”



“CLASSIFIED, you deaf dummy!” He began to whimper. “Ewww, it’s so gross. I can feel every inch of you… and every inch is sweating!”

“Hey, just be lucky I’m not a bedwetter!” She mused, still zooming through the forest.

“I’m reporting you!”

“I doubt I’d get in trouble but how about this? You keep this a secret and… I’ll… be your friend or something.”

“… Batteries, feed me batteries,” Sib said calmly.

“What really? You eat those?”

“I don’t need your friendship and I don’t eat batteries stupid! I’m practically a nuclear reactor and I’ll blow you up if you pee in me!”

“Relax, I’ll think of something you’ll want in exchange for not reporting me,” She said.

“Well if you’re gonna do that, 2218, you’ll wanna dive to the right and roll left right about now.” 2218 twisted and threw herself to the ground just as a burst of wind rushed through the air where she just was. She thumped into the soft soil before pushing herself into a roll as instructed, right behind a tree. The second round had just missed her as it slammed into the ground with a small explosion. Her helmet’s goggles automatically came down, protecting her eyes from the dirt that kicked up. “That’s a Sergeant’s sniper rifle!”

“Yelling in my ear isn’t helping!”

“BLAH BLAH BLAH!” Sib shouted.

Suppressing her desire to argue with the AI, she palmed the side of her headphones and said;

“Hold your fire! This is 2218 of Alais!”

2218 paused for what seemed like forever.

“… This is 5699 of Lucy. State your business so that you may be judged by Lucy’s divine shadow.” She sang.

2218 frowned at that last part, not sure what to make of it. Her paranoia on the other hand brought her to a conclusion. As she spoke, 2218 began taking off her clothes.

“My pod was sent off course, by Alais. I woke up recently a few miles from here.”

“It’s a big fucking forest 2218, how’d you find me?” The sniper asked, clearly suspicious.

“My pod came equipped with Sib.”

“… Right, come on over and I’ll share with you Lucy’s teachings.” Her clothing was standing there on its own, thanks to Sib. She was a tad surprised by how quiet the AI was. With how fast he seemed to catch on to her plan without a word being said, made it clear this childish AI was built for war. Taking just her sidearm, she pressed against the tree and began climbing the massive trunk. Sib began stepping from behind the tree with gloved hands up. “Where exactly is your pod?” 5699 asked.

Sib had the headphones but with some fast processes, quickly began simulating 2218’s voice.

“It’s about an hour behind me. Pretty good landing, the Sib program is perhaps the best in the galaxy. Not including Mary.”

“… So Sib is fine?” 5699 asked.

“Yep, and dare I say, handsome and perfect in every way!”

A rifle round shot off the helmet causing Sib to crumble to the ground. 2218 watched the sniper leave her position in the clearing. It was a bit hard to see, but it looked like her sister made a bunker. 2218 held her position waiting for 5699 to get closer. As she did, 2218 could see she was dressed in body armor, a nun’s dress, and a headpiece. An odd given how 5699 was a demon of Lucy.

“Dear mother, my Queen,” She sang while holding out her palms to the sky. “Guide this FILTHY FUCKEN ORC… into the afterlife. Father, he who sits at his throne or in bed with my Queen, if you still breathe, may you one day forget her face and move on from this…”

2218 allowed herself to slip from the tree, right on top of her devil-worshiping sister. The moment 5699 noticed just a pile of clothes, she quickly pulled her sidearm while spinning and dropping on her back. 2218 could feel one of 5699’s ribs snap under her knees. Still, 5699’s side arm never wavered from her sister’s head, and neither did 2218.

“… If he still breathes?” 2218 asked through gritted teeth. “So you think there’s a chance the Captain is still alive and you still try to kill me, you piece of shit demon?”

“You literally look like a piece of shit. It’s not my fault the evolution of your kind resembles the inside of an unflushed toilet,” 5699 said with a smirk. Having little qualms about death as she contemplated her next move.

2218 kept her pistol steady, wanting very much to pull the trigger. But her father’s request buzzed in her thoughts until she finally said;

“Una… the name father gave me.”

Unlike 2218, 5699’s eyes were pitch black. Hearing the name father gave to 2218, 5699’s eyes opened wide as rage started to fill her up. Threatening the promise she made, every sister made to their Captain, their father.

“Including the heathenous orcs, father?”

“All of your sisters, Kaida.”

“But why, father?! The kingdom of Lucy is by far the most useful. I believe we should slaughter the lot of them and have the ship fabricate the bodies into food. Oh, I can see it now, Father and Lucy sitting down for dinner like the first time in the fires of hell. It was so romantic, I wish I could have seen it. The proof is before you, Father. We know love better than any other and it’s not clouded by lust like the Chaton. Or the sickening odor of the orcs. The list goes on and on.”

“… Your Queen had a husband… and a son. Sadly it’s because of this she truly understands what it means to love someone. However, what she does not have is compassion.”


“Ah… None of you have compassion.”

“That’s because you’re the only one deserving of such a thing. Everyone else can BURN IN FUCKING HELL!”

“I hope that one day you all learn to have compassion for each other and not just for me. A fool’s dream perhaps but… upon your name rests my hopes and dreams. Charash and protect your name as you do me… and with this name, you must do the same for those you choose and who choose you.”


“… I’ll get you the new Apocalypse game if you try.”

“Don’t worry father! I, spawn of Lucy, will find those who are worthy so that they may hear my gospel without fear of death!… And uhmm… with the map packs?”

“Get your filthy cunt off me,” 5699 said through gritted teeth while holstering her sidearm. “I think you broke one of my ribs.”

“You think? What the hell happened to your platoon?” Una asked

She climbed off and carefully redirected her pistol. Giving a glance around the forest, Una kept her back towards her sister, giving 5699 her complete trust that she wasn’t gonna shoot her in the back of the head while getting dressed.

“And why,” she sang out. “In the hell would I tell you classified information? What I should do is put another hole in your FILTHY FUCKEN FACE!” 5699 stayed flat on her back as she retrieved a cylinder from the breast pouch on her vest. She aimed the cylinder over where she thought the pain was and pressed a button. Strings of nanites speared through every layer of fabric and her skin to the bone. In seconds, the cylinder was spent and she replaced it in her pocket. Her heavy breathing turned into a long sigh as the pain finally faded away.

“Then why don’t you?”

“For the same reason as you, you stupid bitch… I suppose father’s not dead forever, he got out of hell the first time.” 5699 said staring up at the massive trees blocking the sky.

“He’s not dead yet,” Una said, now fully dressed but looking for her helmet.

“How the hell do you know?!” 5699 said, quickly rolling over on her hands and knees.

“Because Sib told me so. What he couldn’t tell me is how three platoons were killed.”

“Fuck the platoons! We need to hurry and finish the mission!”

5699 jumped to her feet, running for the clearing she was engaging from. Una finally found her helmet and headphones. There was a small hole in the back of the helmet but thanks to Sib, it was slowly being repaired. Placing the helmet on, Sib began yelling in her ears.


“What is it?!” Una asked, removing her headphones slightly.

“Oh nothing,” He began calmly. “I was acting out the scene where you die.”

“Damn it, stop playing around. Aren’t you supposed to be helping me? Maybe help us figure out where we need to go.”

“Negative!” He yelled playfully. “Do I look like the Captain or my mom to you?”

“You don’t look like anything. You’re a voice in my helmet.” She said while making her way toward the clearing. “So you’re pretty much useless?”

“Hey, I’m not useless, stupid! I’ve just never done anything like this before.” He whined.

“It’s all our first time, Sib. That’s no excuse to not try.” The closer Una got to the clearing the more it looked like a warzone. Body parts were scattered everywhere around a metal dome sticking from the ground like a boulder. “A Sergeant‘s bunker?”

“Hey stupid, will you hurry your ass up and get inside?” 5699 said, waving her into the bunker.

“What the hell happened?” Una asked while stepping through the doorway that automatically closed behind her with a thick mechanical clunk. Inside was a plane circle-like room with a round digital table in the middle. It illuminated the bunker showing a massive map of the area.

“Classified, now where exactly is Sib?” 5699 asked while leaning over the map.

She wanted very much to answer the question with an “It’s classified” out of spite but for her father’s sake she wanted to at least try.

“I have him with me, In my clothes.”

“Wh… what?” 5699’s black eyes widened when she realized it. “That’s how your clothes were moving. How did a filthy Orc like you get approved for that kind of tech?” She asked in a whisper.

“I didn’t… In fact, no one knows Sib can do it aside from Father,” Una said.

“So Father favors you over me?” 5699 asked with pain in her gaze. Una returned her sister’s gaze with a look that said that was the dumbest thing anyone could ask. “Right, that was stupid.”

“Look, I’ll tell you later. What happened to your platoon?”

“I’ll tell you about it later,” She smirked. “Sib, if you can hear me, sync up with the bunker, I wanna show you something.”



Don't Cross The Bridge

A baby-faced little boy who's tougher than he looks with a smart mouth, and a pretty little girl with a mean right hook and a foul mouth.

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