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Welcome to my library. This page was created to give you a quick rundown of what my library has to offer you in content. That being, Manga, Light-Novels, Anime podcasts, Anime Reviews, Blogs, and fun Gameplay videos of my cat, Candy.

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Hello World, My Name is Candy!

I make video content for the Bookkeeper and her library. I like playing all kinds of games from Call of Duty to Minecraft. Aside from games, I like making podcasts about anime stuff! Also small shoutout to Pnut for being the longest follower of my live streams. I'm very grateful to him and everyone else, thank you.


Before a book is published, it goes through Kickstarter. Kickstarter backers get forever access to said book!

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Such content is not my library's top priority, however...

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My library prefers to do everything by its self but if you wish to use Patreon, it is available for you! Being that it's linked to my library, you will get instant access to light novels!

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