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With the release of Sifu and many other games, journalists have been known to bash them due to their difficulty and/or toxic nature; Including things like lack of representation. This in and of itself is fine until game developers start listening to the very loud and dissatisfied minority.

In an attempt to protect our favorite forms of entertainment, Gatekeeping sounds like a great idea… until it isn’t. For example, if a new release came out that divided a strong fanbase, what side of the fanbase gets the power of Gatekeeping? Who determines who’s right and who’s wrong?


Sifu Is Hard & That’s Okay. There Are Other Games!

Sifu is a new fighting game with a maddening hard difficulty. Almost as hard, if not harder than playing Mario Kart’s rainbow road without falling off the track once, and yet the challenge keeps players coming back for more. There are a few people out there who don’t like these kinds of games while applauding the game for the unique gameplay mechanics. Making it clear that some people can’t appreciate it for what it is. Still, that’s all fine as long as it stays an opinion.

Everyone seems to have something to say about a game they love to play but hate. Take Dr. Disrespect for example. He rages a bit about Warzone but loves to keep on playing. His rage does seem to make for funny clips but that’s neither here nor there.

What Does Anime Have To Do With This?

Ah, yes well… video games aren’t the only forms of media that are targeted. Anime gets the journalist’s “shaft” all the time if not more, perhaps. The thing I want to ask you, the reader is if we were to Gatekeep video games and anime from those who are destroying superheroes and comics, how would we go about it without dividing the fanbase?

Regardless of how it’s done, be prepared to be called a horrible name by those who will seek to destroy it because they can’t control it.


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