Netflix May Destroy Anime In The Future

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Western Views + Anime = ???

Netflix, Crunchyroll, and many others allow people to watch their favorite anime and find new ones. However, over the years a lot of these corporations have become… Twitter-ized and with it, the content they produce. Said content is being used as a platform or soapbox for voicing one’s views or opinions. Something that’s inherently fine for those specifically seeking out such energy. However, not for those who want no part in it.

Take comics, for example, such content has been used by fans to get lost in a world of makebelieve. To take a break from the rough world one lives in, to unwind, and simply relax. Turning a blind eye to those who shout from their platforms about problems of all shapes and sizes. And because of this lack of attention, they will attempt to take control of one’s favorite tool for unwinding.


Anime May Follow The Path Of Comics

Comics aren’t what they use to be; Having become less about the stories and more about some kind of political message. Granted comics have been used during the war to boost morale for better or for worse. That being said, the point still stands. And that being, Anime is slowly following the same path as Comics. While it’s great to be able to access anime from large names like Netflix, the problem is their views on censorship. Today, said views may be fine but what about tomorrow? Today the CEO may love anime but what happens when a new CEO comes in and hates anime. Calling anime “too provocative,” or “problematic.” What happens then?

If these corporations are allowed too much of a monopoly on anime, it will surely become Twitter-ized while the corporation desperately tries to cater to those who simply wish to use anime as a platform. A tool or if they are unable to infect anime with their Twitter-like agenda, simply destroy it as the United Nations wish to do.

Anime lovers could simply go somewhere else to find untainted anime. But what happens when a country bans anime? These things can and will happen if it’s allowed to, but I digress. Anime is changing into something, so let’s do our best to make sure it doesn’t end up like Comics. Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the future of anime.

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