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Chapter Fifteen

My Teacher Is A Baby Death Claw

“What?” Kaida asked.

“Well…” Emmanuel began. “I sort of thought, being that the three of you are royalty your barracks would be… you know… much more decorative.”

“Such luxuries are the… carrot to kill someone with a stick if said princess doesn’t follow orders.”

“I… think you mean carrot on the stick,” said Emmanuel.

Kaida sighed as she walked back to her bed and sat down. She was dressed in a long white nightgown that went down to her feet.

“I love the fact you’re here to learn more about my Queen, but I really must rest.”

“Oh! Uhm, I’m sorry. I came here for 4273,” he said.

“You should stay away from that heathen,” Kaida said while jabbing a finger in his direction. “Her Queen caused my captain much suffering in the past.”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan.”

The first thing Una did after getting home was crawl back into bed. The others had done the same but a few hours later Emmanuel had shown up. Zaras got up but slumped naked past the entrance, straight towards the bathroom. Kaida only decided to answer the door when Emmanuel spoke his name. Everyone was tired, and while unsure, she thought Sib had been worn out as well. Or perhaps he was simply being considerate because he had nestled himself in her palm and hadn’t moved, only after a few minutes of wrestling with her hand. When Zaras came stumbling out of the bathroom with a yawn, a sly snicker left her nose when she noticed Emmanuel.

“You’ve come to cum?” Asked Zaras with a tired grin.

“Actually, I’m here to help you make up for lost training,” said Emmanuel with a cheerful smile.

Una noticed that the boy was a tad flustered, not seeming to be able to look at Zaras for very long. Being that his actions kind of resembled that of her fathers, she was sure the boy wasn’t a pervert. But something about Zaras had him charged up.

“Wa?” Zaras deflated and waved him away. “As much as I’d love to smell your ball sweat, I’m going back to bed.”

“You all woke up just a few hours ago. I guess what happened must have taken a lot out of you,” he said, sounding sympathetic.

“You wouldn’t know anything about the one who attacked us would you?” Kaida asked, giving him a cold stare.

“No more than you do, I’m afraid. The Digitus branch, led by Captain Abby is some of the most powerful without even being genetically enhanced by nanites. As you’ve noticed with Commander Klia’s levitation and teleportation.”

“I didn’t know… nor did I… do I care,” said Kaida.

“The branch is currently overseeing our evaluation,” he went on to say. “So using logic, at some point, you will run into whoever attacked you if the culprit is still here. But more importantly,” he stepped in between Zaras and her bed. “You need to get dressed so we can catch up on training.”

Zaras crossed her arms and stared her sharp eyes at the boy, as she said;

“You’re cute but males aren’t really supposed to talk to us in such a way. That’s how you get yourself killed.”

“If I was afraid of death, I wouldn’t be speaking with an adorably evil princess on a planet covered in zombies and toxic spores, all of which are the least of my concerns mind you,” he said while wagging his index finger. “Besides, if you do this, you’ll be much closer to passing, and… I’ll give you a special treat if you get caught up,” said Emmanuel while giving her a small wink.

Zaras perked up and quickly rushed to get her uniform on.

“Impressive,” said Kaida. “I’ve never seen her get dressed so fast, or any Chaton for that matter.”

“There are more like her?” he squeaked as a bright innocent smile came to the boy’s face, a smile that made Una wanna punch his face in. Joy filled Una at the very thought as her blankets made her nice and toasty. He cleared his throat to regain his composure, “Be that as it may, I’d personally suggest the two of you get out of bed as well.”

“Why? We’ve gone through boot camp since we were born,” Kaida began.”And compared to that, this is pretty easy, all things considered.”

“It can be easy if you want it to be buuut… I’ve learned that this academy doesn’t work like others. Classes continue with or without you. Each academy formed by Poison has its own way of doing things and this academy’s founder, your captain, decided to focus on problem-solving it seems. Even to the point of being forced to figure out when and where class starts as the teachers and instructors are not obligated to tell us.”

Kaida’s eyes widened with concern.

“Wait, who is it that grades the academy?” Kaida asked, stepping closer to look him in the eyes.

“I uh… The Digitus branch,” he said, seeming unsure of the question.

“No,” she said, grabbing him by the shoulders. “Who has the final say for who passes?”

“That would… be the founder. I suppose the three of you might get an easy ride since the founder is your father,” he chuckled nervously.

Kaida began swearing while rushing back to her room to throw on her uniform. Slipping out of her nightgown, the boy looked away towards Una’s dark room.

“Of fucking course, that’s why we weren’t told shit,” said Kaida.

Hearing this, Una forced her body to move, pushing herself out of bed. She needed only to replace her heated sheets as she was already in her uniform, including her combat boots. Sib had sprung to life and scurried up her arm and behind her neck. Thanks to how high she had her electric blanket turned up, when her body met the cool air, steam could be seen lifting off her clothing.

“Uhmm…” Emmanuel began when he saw Una getting out of bed. “You sleep in your uniform?”

“I told her a free pussy is a happy pussy,” chimed Zaras.

“You’ve never said that,” said Kaida.

“I’m saying it now,” said Zaras.

“Anyway, I just wanted to be ready to kill these two if they challenged me. They got their asses kicked and they’re mad that I came out on top… for the umpteenth time. I also don’t like fighting naked,” Una said, glancing over at her sisters who stared back with animosity in their gaze. “As for our captain, if he’s in charge of the academy’s curriculum, that’s a pretty big damn problem.”

“That’s because, Daddy,” Zaras began as she was lacing up her boots. “Never makes his tests easy. In fact, if what you say is true, everyone in this academy will probably fail.”

“That’s impossible,” Emmanuel scoffed. “What’s the point of making an academy if you’re gonna fail everyone.”

“Think of it this way, the captain,” Kaida emphasized the word captain while giving Zaras a cold glance, refusing to let slide the childish name, Daddy. “Will give you a blank piece of paper and expect you to fucking figure it out…” She rolled her right wrist and added, “Without the fucking part of course.”

“Pfft, I wish Daddy would fuck me,” Zaras said.

Kaida snapped and flung her curved hand scythe through the air like a spinning disk, headed straight for Zaras’s neck. The feline flexed her speed and reaction time by lazily shifting to the right. When her sister’s hand scythe grazed through her fur, however, Zaras snapped her gaze to the floor to see a few strands of her fur floating to her feet. Behind her, the hand scythe embedded into the wall of her bedroom with a thump. Zaras’s eyes went sharp, staring at her sister with the same amount of rage she was receiving. The feline did break eye contact to look behind herself for a moment. The hand scythe Kaida had thrown was sticking out of her bedroom wall, just above her new body pillow of her father.

“You almost hit it!” Zaras roared.

Zaras leaned in to make a mad dash but stopped when Emmanuel took out a small bottle and with two short squeezes he sprayed the space in front of her. Her rage was replaced with momentary confusion before she bared her fangs in his apologetic face.

“You’re trying to poison me?!” Zaras hissed.

“It’s for the best,” Kaida said with her arms crossed.

“No, of course not!” Emmanuel said defensively. “It’s just lavender! Because you know… cats… love lavender and… it calms them?”

Zaras stared deep into the boy’s eyes. From Una’s point of view, it looked like she was trying to intimidate the boy, but everyone there knew the boy was more capable than he looked. Granted Zaras wasn’t the type to learn from her mistakes so was sure she’d challenge him and get tossed on her ass either by him or one of the higher-ups. A moment later, Zaras’s rage was a thing of the past as she stood there with a smirk, rubbing her chin and a left hand to her hip.

“Reminds me of Daddy after his lavender bath,” She mused. “Give me some of that,” she said while holding out her fluffy palms.

“S-sure…” he said while spraying her paws a little. “What is it we need to figure out?” Emmanuel asked.

“Exactly,” Kaida said. “We’re expected to find not only the answers but also the question.”

“… How do we do that?” He asked.

The boy stood there looking from Kaida to Zaras and then Una as the young Orc snatched up her water bottle and made her way to the entrance. From a mix of spite and curiosity, she gave the boy a shoulder tap. Bumping into Emmanuel gave Una a clear answer to one of her personal questions about the boy.

“… You can technically answer that question with the answer of another question,” Una said, as the door slid open. “How do you kill someone who’s better than you? You should ask these two losers how it feels to be in my shadow,” she said while glancing back over her shoulder.



The Adopted Bloodhound or TAB for short, is a single-fire rail gun that was designed to always hit its mark when in the right hands. Unlike the sniper rifle Kaida had used during their last mission, it was far lighter with its ammunition being small metal beads. It had the same power as the other but instead of gunpowder, it used powerful magnets that charged up before each shot. Zaras was off sprinting around the dome with Emmanuel. Even though he was told he could skip running until he dropped, he decided it was for the best that he ran, all things considered. Una and Kaida, along with a handful of others, had managed to stumble upon the firing range. A range set up in a large building on the side of the dome. Inside, multiple slits lined the wall looking out over the infected forest like a bunker. The instructor sat behind her wooden desk grading scores. Una tried to size up the instructor but found it hard when most of them kept their cool and dressed the same.

“Why aren’t they moving?” Una asked softly, as she lay there waiting for her TAB rifle to charge for her next shot.

“They take orders from Mercredi, the captain’s friend,” Kaida whispered while resting to the right of Una but in her hands was a scope as she was instructed to be a spotter after she took her turn. Tapping a button on her scope, she picked out another target for her sister to shoot. “Once a horrible wall of rotting flesh, protecting their Queen… now they’re nothing but empty shells, fucking pathetic.”

In the scope of Una’s rifle, she could see a holographic indicator of her next target, marked by her spotter. It gave her whatever information the spotter felt was necessary. This time Kaida picked out a rotting corpse of a woman leaning up against a tree. Una lined up her shot, caressing the trigger but stopped short of firing when something caught her eye.

“Sib,” Una whispered, and out popped the spider avatar. It darted onto the side of Una’s face before pointing at itself and then at Kaida, telling her that he was keeping an eye on her as he hid himself with Una’s bangs. “How long did you say these humans have been dead?”

“A year,” he said in a cheerful tone.

“How is it that their clothing lasted this long?” Una asked.

“Are you stupid?” Kaida scoffed. “I see ripped clothing.”

“Shouldn’t they be… deteriorating?”

“Uuuu~” Sib sounded as he moved in closer to look through Una’s scope, slightly blocking her line of sight. “Ripped, filthy, but not deteriorating, hmm!”

“Why in the hell is this important right now?” Kaida asked as her left hand inched closer towards Sib’s spider avatar.

“Because it might be a question,” said Una.

Kaida had been focused on trying to nab Sib only to freeze at what her sister said.

“One of many, I’m sure,” Kaida whispered. “Come on, let’s turn our score and find a way outside.”

Leaving their booth, the two got a few glances as they made their way towards the instructor’s desk. They even noticed a few holding up their middle fingers. Una was smart enough to notice the insult even if she didn’t really know what it meant. Finally placing their scores on the instructor’s desk. The instructor gave the girls a once-over before she looked over their score sheets. She gave a sigh and sat back in her chair that squeaked ever so slightly.

“What in the hell is this?” She asked in a slightly defeated tone.

“It’s a piece of paper you fucking dumb ass,” Kaida said.

The comment earned her a long lazy stare from the instructor before standing up from her desk.

“5569, if you wish to fight me, all you had to do was ask.”

Kaida crossed her arms and turned away.

“I was just answering your question,” said Kaida.

“I’ll fight you,” Una said.

“Pass,” said the instructor without even glancing the Orc’s way. With another sigh, she replaced herself back in her wooden chair. “What I want to know is how you managed to hit every target?” She asked while glancing at Kaida before glancing over at Una, “While you managed to miss or just graze your targets?”

“We daughters of Lucy are trained from birth to be sharpshooters,” Kaida said with a small grin and blush. “It’s very unlikely that I will ever miss. As for her, she’s a terrible shot, might be for the best you fail her here and now and put a bullet in the back of her head just in case.”

Una stared at Kaida for a few moments before looking at the instructor.

“My mother doesn’t care for guns, so I didn’t get much training on them,” Una droned.

The instructor almost appeared to be ignoring the two as she looked over the score sheets.

“Don’t tell me how to do my job or I’ll kick your butt,” the instructor casually warned Kaida. Resting her gaze on the Orc, she took a deep breath and said, “I’d suggest you spend more time at the range, and as for you… less range time,” the instructor while looking from the Orc to the devil worshiping nun. “Your score is limited if you’re naturally good at something.”

“Commander Klia said this was going to be hard,” Kaida began. “The training back on the Star Seeker was far harder. This… this is fucking stupid.”

“You’re freaking stupid, this isn’t boot camp,” the instructor snapped but at the same time managed to keep calm and relaxed. “If you wanna be a well-rounded marine, find what you suck at and improve. It’s not rocket science… unless you want it to be. Now get lost and good job on your marksmanship. Best I’ve seen in a long time.”

Kaida stepped away, doing her best to hold her tongue, after all, she was complimented. She stopped when she noticed her sister was still standing at the desk.

“Is there a way to get outside the academy from here?” Una asked.

The instructor took a moment to look the Orc over before asking;

“Do you have a weapon?” She droned.

“No,” said Una.

“Do you have any powers or abilities?”


“Then you’re not allowed to leave the academy into the forest infested with zombies.”

“Can a borrow a weapon?” Una asked.


“What if I steal it?”

“… No.”

Una noticed that while her own questions were becoming a bit more stupid, the instructor wasn’t necessarily close to telling her to fuck off. The Orc was sure this was her father’s doing, making instructors answer every question brought to them.

“Ok… how do I get a weapon?”

“Contact your commander directly. I’m not answering any more of your questions.”

Una wanted to bury her head in her palms, the ground, or in the belly of a zombie. The last thing she wanted to do was call her mother. She got a slight mood boost by the fact she was holding up the line at the desk but wasn’t enough to keep her blood from boiling. Somehow just like with Sargent Dimitri, this instructor felt Una’s blood lust so the instructor’s eyes went wide. Not out of fear or shock but as a warning that she was ready to fight at the drop of a hat. Sib wiggled around on the back of Una’s neck and whispered;

“Step away from Sargent Sarah’s desk, please. You’re gonna make things worse!”

Una took a deep breath and said;

“… Thank you, Sargent Sarah,”

The instructor’s mood quickly changed back to being mildly annoyed but a little surprised as she said;

“You’re welcome, 2218. If it means anything,” she began with a raised brow. “Everybody hates their boss for one reason or another. So no matter your background, you’re no different than the kid fighting beside you.”

Una gave her a small nod before stepping out of line, and over toward Kaida.

“No, you can’t borrow my weapons,” Kaida said.

Una sucked her teeth in annoyance as she’d much rather ask her sister for something than call her mother.

“Let’s just go kill Zaras and take her blade,” Una began. “I’m sure there’s something to learn if we get a closer look at those zombies.”

The two stepped from the shooting range, squinting when the sunlight bathed their faces. It made Una realize how dark it was inside. Kaida grunted as she blocked the sun with her palm. Una did the same while walking the freshly paved path. Keeping her head on a swivel for any building that looked like it had a terminal of some kind. Humans walked past the two evil princesses, some trying to avoid them as much as possible, while others gave the sisters a mean glare. There were a few who were aw-struck but for the most part, they were far too busy trying to figure out what they should be doing and Una couldn’t blame them. If she didn’t know it was her captain behind the academy, she would have been at a loss as well. Pretty much the same now but at least she had a pretty good head start she hoped.

“The fact you don’t want to talk to your Queen is baffling,” Kaida said. “I mean sure your entire bloodline is shit and your soul should be raped in the fiery pits of hell until the end of time but… loyalty to your Queen should come first.”

“Hmm… how does it feel that mine and Zaras’s Queen almost took over hell?”

“ALMOST ISN’T THE FUCKING SAME AS DOING IT!” Kaida snapped, twitching her left index finger to the side of Una’s face. She calmed down while clearing her throat. “Besides… we demons would have just kept coming back.”

Una came to a stop and looked Kaida in the eyes.

“And that’s one of the reasons why…” Una paused when she noticed a boy holding a device up to the side of his head and talking into it. “Doesn’t Emmanuel have something like that?”

Kaida stepped to her sister’s side, not wanting to risk being struck in her blind spot by her sister. Spotting the boy, she said;

“It’s the device with cat photos humans love so much.”

“Sib,” Una said.

“That’s me!” He chimed while peaking out from the side of Una’s neck.

“What’s that device he’s talking into?” Asked Una.

“Uh… a phone?”

As the boy got closer Una held out her left hand.

“Your phone, give it to me,” demanded Una but the boy simply stuck out his tongue and made a farting noise as he walked past. This seemed to amuse her little brother Sib as he burst into laughter. “… How do I get one?” Una asked.

“Maybe you should threaten to break his nose,” Kaida said.

“Good idea,” said Una

“Uh No?” Said Sib.

“Is it some kind of challenge where we kill anyone with it and take theirs?” Asked Kaida. “There’s a game mode in Apocalypse where you can upgrade your mech with the parts you take from your enemies.”

The nun’s eyes lit up with joy at the very thought of her favorite game. Seeing this, Una could not help but indulge her sister. Una tried to make herself feel better by telling herself she didn’t really give a damn about her sister’s interest and was only asking to try and discover a new question.

“Hmm, can you take the pilot alive and force him to kill for you?” Una asked.

“Oow! That would be an amazing feature. At least for the programs as the players would surely quit and start a new game.”

“Excuse me!” Interrupted Sib. “To answer your question, no! That’s a phone, one of many luxury items. You can buy one if you’ve got the money.”

“Why,” asked Una. “Can’t you do everything a phone can?”

“I am not a phone!” Sib whined. “I’m a very sensitive boy.”

“More like a useless toy,” said Kaida.

“Hey!” He jabbed a spider leg in her direction. “If you were smart, you would have made a mental map of the academy when you were running yesterday.”

Kaida thought about it before sucking her teeth in annoyance. Una shared her sister’s sentiments, as she also hadn’t realized it and even worse, hadn’t paid much attention to the buildings during her run.

“Our only hope now,” Una began. “Is to hope Zaras doesn’t figure it out either.”

“I’ll be sure to pray for her failure,” said Kaida.

The two spent a good hour walking around the academy going in and out of buildings to see its purpose. Unlike on the Star Seeker, there were no signs telling each building apart aside from the living quarters. All in all, it was a clear sign that their father was behind this, and even worse Commander Klia was right about their time there being challenging. Una wished she had her Captain’s photographic memory to help make a map of the area. For but a moment she began to wonder what traits she did pick up from her father; She repressed the thought along with many others. Sib refused to help, almost making her want to find Emmanuel to see if he would. Almost, after all, neither of the sisters wanted to knowingly help the boy succeed from their failure, aside from Zaras who got to spend time with a boy that wasn’t their father. Taking a break from exploring, the two sat in an empty classroom they stumbled upon. It was much like the classrooms on the Star Seeker but with windows.

“Sib, stop being a bastard and help,” Una said.

Una sat at the front of the class with their arms crossed, while Kaida took the desk to her right. She seemed content to read her unholy bible, so hadn’t said much in the last thirty minutes.

“Na ah,” said Sib. “I’m not even supposed to be here. If the captain finds out I help you pass, you might fail. I’ll help you out a little but that’s it.”

“Okay, fine. Give us a hint where a terminal is.”

“Nope! I do have a few small ideas of what you could do to figure it out but I’m gonna let you figure it out on your own so you can get graded pretty high. Though, the fact you’re struggling with something so simple is beyond me.”

Una sighed while staring up at the ceiling, trying to think. She would have asked the slaves but they were nowhere to be found. She could try asking another student for help but the very thought made her wanna kick Kaida in the cunt so that was shot down. The classroom door opened and closed though neither of the two cared enough to see who it was. Una began to wonder if the very fact she wasn’t even looking in the newcomer’s direction was a sign of her lacking in being an effective soldier. She even started to wonder if Sib was making her weak by giving her a heads-up to incoming attacks. Unlike her mother and sisters, the young Orc hadn’t reached the point of being able to sense in coming danger without Sib. Maybe if she told Sib to get lost and avoid him like she tries to do with her father’s affection, she’d be as strong as her mother. She quickly repressed that thought as well, perhaps faster than any other thought.

At the mention of Death, Kaida looked up from her unholy bible to look over the instructor’s little body.

“There’s no such thing. You look like a five-year-old playing dress up.” She went back to reading her bible as she said, “In my world, a male would be skinned alive for lying like that, no matter how young you were.”

Sergeant Claw gasped with teary eyes.

“That’s absolutely horrible!” He quickly pulled out a phone of his own and began to make a call. “Yes, connect me to Commander Lucy, please.”

The moment she heard the name of her direct commanding officer, her dark Goddess, and Queen, Kaida leaped from her desk and rushed over to the side of Sergeant Claw’s desk.

“Wait,” she yelled, trying to snatch the phone.

“Don’t touch me,” he said in a frighteningly soft tone. He didn’t even look in her direction when he said it, nor did he clean the tears from his eyes, yet his words came off as a very real warning. “Yes, this is Sergeant Claw, um Special Forces. I was just informed by your subordinate, 5699, that on her world kids are skinned alive. Mm… mm… Mm hum… Yes, she’s standing right here. Sure, one moment.” Pulling the phone from his right ear he faced Kaida. “Commander Lucy would like to speak with you.”

Una had seen her sister tremble with fear before but not to the point of crying blood. Kaida’s breathing dramatically became slower and slower before finally, she crumpled to the floor.

“Oops, maybe I went a little far,” Sergeant Claw said, stuffing his phone away. He hopped down from his chair and patted Kaida on the cheek. “I didn’t really call your commander, it was a fib.”

“Quick, break her thumbs,” Una said with a bit of urgency.

“What, why?!” Sergeant Claw asked, trying not to panic. “Will it help her?” He asked with teary eyes.

“No, but It’ll make me feel pretty good knowing that her thumbs are broken.”

He stared his big sad eyes at her for a moment, before reaching into his pocket.

“… I should report you to your commander,” he said while pulling out a small capsule and cracking it open under Kaida’s nose. She instinctively pulled away from the smell while clutching her bible to her chest. “I’m sorry, it was just a fib. I’m fully aware of the humanitarian youth laws put in place on the planet of Hall.”

“You lying bitch,” Kaida said through clenched teeth as she climbed to her feet.

His eyes became watery while holding up his phone.

“Hey, I really can call any officer I want, you know.”

“Wait, I’m sorry,” she said immediately.

“Mm,” he nodded. “Please take your seat so I can start the class. Now I’m gonna teach all of you…” He began climbing on his chair as Kaida stepped back over to her desk. She clutched her bible to her breast, trembling while mumbling swears under her breath. Now standing in his chair, he turned his back to the class as he reached for a small rod with a piece of chalk on the tip. It extended up towards the chalkboard as he began to write. “I mean teach the both of you… about the biggest threat in the wasteland… and that is, radiation! The good news is if you don’t see me during a mission then you probably don’t have to worry about radiation. If you do see me, however, then you’re probably already going to die, I’m sorry to say. Everything living in some form or another can be affected by it.”

“What about stupid demons,” Una said, jabbing her right thumb at her stiff-as-a-board sister.

“You’re a demon?!” Sergeant Claw blurted out but cleared his throat. “Stupid or smart demons, I don’t know as we’ve never gotten our hands on a test subject, and hopefully we never have to. The adults of Earth are our biggest and only threat right now. While I’m familiar with planet Hall and their wrongdoings, we’re not technically at war with them thanks to our ability to bathe the planet in radiation. Umm… like being able to drown a bug, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

“So… we should blow it up?” Una asked.

“That’s fucking stupid,” Kaida snapped. “Blowing up planets just means less resources in the long run.”

“It’s much more complicated than that on an ethical level but… you’re correct! Luckily we’ve never had to bathe a planet in radiation though it is in our arsenal of capabilities. Now the situation we have on this planet isn’t like anything we’ve experienced before… I mean, I have, at least, and the kind of zombies I’ve dealt with were much more violent.”

“Get to the point,” Una groaned.

“Hey,” he whined with teary eyes. “Don’t rush your instructor, besides… this is my first time. Not only will we learn about radiation but I’ll also teach you how to handle hordes of mindless monsters!”

“Pass,” Una stood up with a yawn. “We were just taking a break here, also we’ve already dealt with them.”

“That’s very great that you’ve managed to do something not many could, all things considered, but I can teach you to handle worse,” the boy said.

Kaida stood up as well, placing her bible on the small of her back.

“Perhaps another time but we’re very busy,” Kaida began. “You see, my sister is trying to do something and I wish to watch her struggle and fail. I want to see the look on her face when she realizes she is most definitely not better than me.”

“While… I will not judge your pastime, perhaps something more productive will help your grades?” He said, scraping his claw on the side of his right cheek. “How about this, if you stay until the end of my class, and answer my questions, I’ll help you both with one thing only.”

Una squinted her gaze, and said;

“Seems like a fucking trap to me. Why should we sit here and listen to you talk about dumb shit? Also won’t you get in trouble for helping us, or did our captain put you up to this?”

“Neither,” he shook his head with determination in his eyes before his gaze softened with a mix of sadness. “Everyone calls you the Princesses of Evil. You do things and say things no kid ever should.” Una and Kaida gave each other a glance. “With that being said, you’re still one of us and maybe with a bit of help, you can be called… the Princesses of Good!” The two sisters held their intense gaze on the boy, making him a tad uncomfortable. “Um, need I re-mention that I’ll help you both with one thing? Give me just thirty minutes, pass my test and I’ll do you both a favor.”


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