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Chapter Sixteen

My Teacher Is A Baby Death Claw

Thanks to the boy’s persistence and promise of a supposed once-in-a-lifetime favor, the two sisters of evil had decided to stay. The thought of punching him or Kaida in the mouth had popped in Una’s head many times, for no real reason other than wanting to fight. While the two hung on Sergeant Claw’s every word, Una was feeling a little bit restless. On the Star Seeker getting into sudden fights was normal and after coming across so many heavy hitters on this planet, she really wanted to put her strength to the test. Once again, like all other useless thoughts, Una repressed it.

“Oops!” Sergeant Claw said after glancing at the clock on his desk. “I might have gone a few minutes over my time, so we’ll just do a one-question test. Tell me one thing you’ve learned from me… that has nothing to do with what I told you in the last thirty minutes. Also, it’s fine if you both have the same answer.”

The question was another reminder that Captain Adam was behind this. Kaida sat back, squinting her gaze as she spoke.

“Tell you something we’ve learned… from you… that you didn’t intentionally teach us?” Kaida asked but got no reply. Sergeant Claw simply stood there in his chair with a nervous smile, staying silent as he waited for our answer. Una reached over with her right hand and pulled her sister’s desk closer. “What the hell are you doing?! You smell like shit.”

Una leaned in a little closer and whispered.

“Quick, do you remember what he said thirty minutes ago?”

“Why in the fuck would I remember the words of a male?” Kaida whispered, earning her a squint from Una. “The captain doesn’t count,” Kaida deadpanned.

“If we fail, we’ll both die so we have to think,” said Una.

“I didn’t say that,” Sergeant Claw whined but was ignored.

“This is stupid,” began Kaida before leaning in to whisper back. “Let’s see… we learned, I mean… I learned because you’re a fucking dumb ass, that radiation can affect the food and water you drink.”

“Right,” Una said with a nod. “If we take what he said and dig deeper, we’ll have our answer.”

“How the fuck do you dig deeper than don’t put radiated food in your mouth?! What, don’t put it in your ass?” Kaida yelled doing her best to whisper.

“He also told us that powerful monsters can be born from radiation. Or even worse, monsters can become more deadly,” said Una.

“Hmm… what do you think would happen if a Queen bathed in radiation?” Asked Kaida.

“Shed becomes stronger,” said Una.

“And lose her damn mind. It’s one of the reasons my Queen only gives us so little of her power. Too much of it would destroy us.”

“Hmm,” Una nodded before holding up her left hand and looking at the instructor. “Power will destroy you if you don’t earn it!” She spoke loud and clear.

“You dumb ass!” Kaida blurted out. “Tell me first before shouting out the answer.”

“Correct!” Sergeant Claw cheered. “The answer could have been as simple as saying I’m Special Forces Sergeant Claw because I didn’t tell you that within the thirty-minute time frame. But instead of taking the easy way out you read in between the lines of my teachings and even better, you worked together! I didn’t think you’d do that, so I’ll give you two favors.”

“Kill my sister,” Una and Kaida blurted out at the same time.

“I’m not doing that!” Sergeant Claw yelled.

“So you’re useless,” Una said.

“I’m not useless,” he teared up.

“Graduate me, and fail her,” Kaida said.

“I can’t do that either!”

“So you are useless,” said Kaida.

“Alright, I’m removing your second favor for hurting my feelings.”

“What?!” Kaida snapped but paused when Una spoke up.

“I need to speak with my commander.”

“Mm,” he gave a nod as he tapped his thumbs on the glass of his phone.

“May I save my favor for later?” Kaida asked.

“I… suppose you can…” Finishing his tapping he finally looked up at Kaida. “but that’ll be my last time on this planet, so you’ll have to send your favor up the chain of command.”

“That’s fine. Daughters of Lucy have the best patience,” said Kaida.

“Is that so?” He studied Kaida for a bit before his phone grabbed his attention. “Hmm, come with me, please.” He hopped down from his chair and made his way out of the classroom door. The two sisters followed but not before flipping their desks over. “What was that?”

“What was it you wanted to show us?” Una asked while glaring at each passing kid. Some of them shied away while others glared back.

“Oh, well you wanted to speak with your commander right?”

“Not at all, but I need to request a weapon so they’d let me go outside the dome. Haven’t been able to find a damn terminal anywhere.”

“Why not just use your phone?” He asked while walking them out of the building.

“We were never given phones on the Star Seeker,” said Kaida. “Our commanders only allow us to use the bare minimum to get by.”

“Mm… I suppose that teaches you great values,” he said.

“Fuck values,” Kaida began. “I’d much rather use a rail gun than gunpowder.”

“Gunpowder?! Those kinds of rifles are like… really old!” He said.

“Tell me something I don’t already know.”

“I assume your favor might be an upgraded better rifle?” He asked.

“Tempting but no. If my Queen wishes me to have one, I shall receive one.”

“You’re really lucky, you know?”

“Of course, I am,” Kaida was taken aback by the comment as she asked, “Why?”

“Well, we may all be fighting for the same thing more or less but we’re not a hive mind. Some of us wish to see our parents again, others want revenge, and the list goes on. Because of our differences, we tend to but heads sometimes, I’ve even seen a few of our own try to kill each other. Something that’s not normal, mind you. So when you say you put so much of your hopes and dreams into your commander, it feels good knowing you have that kind of relationship.” He came to a stop to face Kaida, his eyes glowing with excitement. “Because the closer we are to each other, the less likely everything we’ve built together will crumble! Less likely we’ll lose someone we love, all things considered. This is something I’m sure your commander understands.”

Kaida’s eyes were wide as she gazed down at the boy. Una decided she was bored of listening to the little monster talk so began walking toward a nearby building that was gathering a crowd. She kind of hoped a fight was taking place but more importantly, she hoped it was the one that attacked her and her sisters earlier that morning.

“What’s going on?” Una asked.

A kid started to answer her but stopped when he turned around and saw who it was. It was the same boy from earlier that stuck his tongue out at Una. He stopped what he was saying and stuck his tongue out again at the young orc before turning his back to her. Una was confused by it, not by the fact that she and her sisters were hated but by the reaction, at least when it came to how nonviolent it was. All things considered, she expected the boy to stand up to her with something a bit more rude or aggressive, a threat even.

“Hey, get the frick out of the way!”

“What the heck are you staring at?!”

“You want a knuckle sandwich?!”

“Move it!”

That sounded more like something she was used to although the voices were a little high and squeaky. She had assumed it was some younger branch of kids who substituted words like fuck for frick and hell for heck. The crowd of young humans seemed to be enjoying themselves, using words like cute, and adorable. As the crowd parted, Una’s eyes widened when two little twin orcs were barking at the crowd. They reminded Una when she was younger although her hair was longer than theirs and she didn’t wear a maid’s dress. They did have a mean scowl on their faces but the look seemed to be having the opposite effect on the humans. Behind the twins was Commander Klia who still chose to levitate, the tips of his shoes almost touching the concrete, and Captain Adam, her father who appeared as though he was royalty walking through a sea of his adoring fans. He smiled, waving to the left before elegantly switching hands and waving to his right. When her father finally noticed her, his eyes lit up with joy before picking up the pace. Thanks to his royal attire hiding his feet and with his graceful movement, he appeared as if he glided towards her before hugging her with a thump.

“Aww look at you! My baby looks so adorable!”

“Nu-uh!” The twins complained.

“She looks nasty,” one said.

“And she smells stupid,” said the other.

“Oh wow!” Her father chimed while hugging Una close and patting the back of her head. “Those are creative sentences,”

The twins blushed from the praise with a proud grin.

“Are you just here to embarrass me in front of people I hate?” Una asked, watching as Commander Klia waved the crowd away. He gave Una a small wave before he disappeared.

“Mmm, not internally,” he said while releasing her. “You wanted to speak with me about something? Something about a weapon?”

“I want a big revolver!” One of the twins said.

“I want a big shotgun!” Said the other.

Una focused on the twins before she asked;

“Who in the hell are these two?”

“I have many questions of my own, but perhaps it’s for the best we save them for another day,” said her father while rubbing the side of her face and hair. With a frown, he plucked a strip of bacon from Una’s hair. “Besides… I’m only here for but a moment. Now… what did you need from Daddy?” He cleared his throat and put on a serious yet playful look. “I mean, what did you need from your captain.”

“Right…” Una felt Sib scurrying around on the back of her neck. No doubt pouting about having his bacon taken away. “I’m told I can’t leave the academy without a gun, give me one… please.”

“Hmm… so polite,” he said with a proud blush. “I… sadly can’t give you one of those.”

“That’s because she’s dumb!” The little orc-ling chuckled.

“Our just really stupid!” Said the other twin.

“Hmm…” He focused his attention down on the twins and said, “I have a mission for you both. Take this bacon, throw it in the trash, and come right back. Don’t… eat it.” He said as he watched them open their mouths.

“Fine, I’ll hold it,”

“No, I’ll,”

Before the twins started arguing, he broke the bacon in half and gave them both a piece. The twins carefully took it from his hands before racing off deeper into the academy.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“They may not look it, but those two are a bit like you.”

“Alais gave birth again? I’m surprised she didn’t try to eat them,” She said, bluntly.

“What?! No, of course not! You know how she feels about babies! Now about your gun, I can’t give you one because… you have to buy one!” He cheered. “We just opened the armory on the ship. You may access it using your nearest terminal.”

“That’s it? You came all this way just to tell me that? This place is so damn big, I can’t even find a damn terminal,” said Una.

“Really, hmm…” He slowly scanned everything behind her with a squint, wearing a look of suspicion before a smile reformed on his face. A look that said he figured it out in just a few seconds but wasn’t gonna tell her. “Just take your time, I know the three of you will figure it out.” He said before placing his fingers to his lips to whistle. The twins quickly came rushing back.

“Mission success, captain!” One twin said.

“Did you punch each other?” Asked Captain Adam.

The twins glanced at each other before one cried out,

“She hit me first!”

“And she hit me last, failer!”

The twins began to growl at each other but began to settle down when they noticed Captain Adam studying them with a knuckle to his lips. Una noticed the twins starting to fidget as if becoming uncomfortable in their own skin while under their father’s gaze. She and all other sisters of the Star Seeker took it as a threat. Threatening to fight the bad behavior with more attention, something he couldn’t possibly do for long with so many daughters. It would not only exhaust their father but also enrage their mothers who had no qualms with dishing out punishments, though at the moment, Una wasn’t sure who the mother was for the twins before her.

“Hmm…” He stared blankly at the two for a moment longer before taking their hands. “I’m gonna go give your sisters a hug before I leave, do your best!” He said while stepping past her with a warm smile.

Una watched him leave, heading straight toward Sergeant Claw and Kaida. Kaida seemed to be so entranced in her conversation with the little monster that she had not even noticed Captain Adam until the last minute when he embraced her from the back. Now standing alone, Una watched them in the distance before turning her gaze deeper into the academy. She took a moment to try and see what her father saw when he was looking behind her. At first, her gaze snapped from points of interest only to see nothing but young humans going in and out of buildings and standing against walls chatting. So she tried slowly scanning her gaze from left to right, like he did, stopping at the end to see if there was anything that caught her father’s attention but there was nothing.

“Don’t worry,” said Sib. “You’ll figure it out. If it makes you feel any better, the universe is full of things you might never understand!”

“Thanks, Sib. I’m just wasting my time at this point. I’ll just go to the shooting range,” she said as she started walking, glancing to her right where Kaida and her father were chatting it up.

“The range?” Sib asked. “I kind of figured you’d go do a little hand-to-hand,”

“How often does a firefight turn into a fistfight?” Una began. “I may not understand strategy like my father and… mother, but I’m pretty sure keeping your distance is a great way to not get your ass killed.”

“Sure, if you just wanna kill!”


“Where’s the mouthy sharpshooter?” Sergeant Sarah asked from behind her desk.

“Hopefully dead in a ditch somewhere,” said Una.

“Well welcome back. I’m pairing you and you together.” Sergeant Sarah said while pointing at the boy behind the orc.

Una slowly turned around to see a boy with black short hair and sleepy eyes. It was hard to tell if the boy was upset by their pairing thanks to how calm he appeared. She on the other hand made it clear she hated the idea as she turned back towards the instructor.

“Can’t I shoot by myself?” Una asked.

“No,” Sergeant Sarah said casually while flipping through paperwork. Finding what she was looking for, she passed out a score sheet to the orc and the boy.

“I’ll spot,” the boy said softly as he waved away his score sheet. “I’ve shot enough for today anyway.”

“Right,” Sergeant Sarah began, “Spotters are graded on every shot their sniper hits. If your sniper misses, you’ll be responsible for it.”

Moments later the two were side by side in a booth. He picked out her target and she would miss every time but unlike her sister, he didn’t make a comment about her horrible aim. He began picking targets that were a bit closer and Una would shoot off a limb here and there but none of them hit the chest like she wanted. After five minutes she and a few others had taken out all of the easy targets, leaving just the ones that were a few miles out. Everyone seemed to have a hard time hitting them and so did she. After ten minutes of missing her shots, the desire to go punch something buzzed around in her thoughts. Without having anyone to blame, her blood boiled. With her sister being her spotter, she could simply blame her and call her a bitch, but this boy was like her. He didn’t have anything to say, in fact with how soft his breathing was, Una was sure he was sleeping. She listened to his breathing, trying to see if he really did fall asleep. He slowly exhaled before pausing his breathing for a moment before pressing the trigger on his spitting binoculars, marking another target that had his head poking from behind a three. The boy inhaled slowly until his lungs were full. Una tried to anticipate the boy’s annoying breathing pattern, tuning out the muffled sounds coming from outside their sniper booth. For ten seconds the boy lay motionless like a corpse until his index finger pressed the side of his binoculars, marking another target; Only then did he start to exhale. Before she knew it, she was following the boy’s annoying breathing. It was calming to the point she thought about quitting and just going home to sleep for the rest of the day. The target’s head in her scope exploded causing Una’s blood to boil again thanks to someone stealing her kill. But she realized that wasn’t the case when the boy next to her picked up his pen and wrote a three on her score sheet that was covered in zeros and a few half points for the limbs she managed to get. She stared at the three in slight disbelief before her gaze rose to see the sleepy-eyed boy staring back at her. When the boy gave her an approving nod she instantly remembered the day her father congratulated her for learning basic addition. Her father’s loving excitement overwhelmed Una, causing her to weep as he paraded her around the empty classroom, locked in his all-too-familiar embrace. Holding onto that memory for a bit longer, she reluctantly repressed it while taking deep breaths in and out to recenter herself. She allowed the dopamine to wash over her, savoring the excitement as if a new door of possibilities had just opened for her.

Under the night sky, she found it questionable, Una’s hands trembled as she stood in front of her metal door that was slightly illuminated by an overhead light. In her hands was her score sheet riddled with zeros and point fives but here and there she had whole numbers.

“Are you okay?” Sib asked with deep concern in his small voice. “If you’re upset about your score, well… practice makes perfect,” he said trying to make her feel better.

“No, I’m fine I just… kind of… wish the captain was here to see this.” Snapping into an annoyed glance she asked, “He’s not inside waiting to surprise me or some shit is he?”

“Nope! Hours ago I got reports saying he’s back on the Star Seeker.”

“… Good, I hate surprises.”

“Yep, there’s like a lot of chatter over the coms thanks to so many ships being in orbit.”

“Don’t care.” Una stepped forward and the door instantly recognized her presence before sliding open. For a moment she began to question how it did that as she passed through the airlock and into the living room. She didn’t need to repress the thought because in the bathroom to her right, stood her sister Kaida in her silk nightgown. Kaida’s face was swollen along with most of her body. Thanks to Commander Lucy making all of her demonic daughters fragile, Kaida could have been bruised by one of the Orc twins. “… Fat ass,” said Una.

“Dumb ass!” Kaida snapped. “I’m not getting fat… I went to the hand-to-hand combat class. That means I’m much closer to being able to kill you with my bare hands,” Kaida smirked while holding up her swollen right fist.

Una’s gaze intensified at the thought of losing a fight with her sister before she chuckled and stepped closer. Handing her the score sheet Una said;

“Oh yeah? Well, do you know what that means?”

“That you can’t seem to count past zero?”

“It means… I’ll one day be able to snipe you in the back from miles away. Though… your fat ass back might just eat the bullet,” she said while snatching away the score sheet.

The two glared at each other until Una’s growling stomach broke the tension.

“Figures,” Kaida began. “Father knew you’d forget so he brought you a lunch box. You should kill yourself for making him go out of his way,” she said while facing the mirror to finish brushing.

Una walked towards her room, taking a moment to glance into Zaras’s room to see her sister was stretched out across her bed naked and fast asleep while loosely hugging her new body pillow. Next to her bed with a small thigh-high tower of empty lunch boxes. With how neatly stacked they were, Una was sure Emmanuel had a hand in that. Next to her desk was her own stack of lunch boxes. The young Orc pulled out her desk chair and plopped herself down at her desk. She placed her score sheet off to the side before moving her first lunch box over. It was a metal container that was filled with a dehydrated meal. At the press of a red button, it would not only rehydrate the meal but also cook it. It was mostly given out to high-ranking officers so Una was a tad confused why she and her sisters were given these. While waiting for her hit meal, Una noticed a folded piece of paper on top. She pressed the red button on the lunch box while unfolding the paper.

“Dear Una, congratulations on day two of not getting expelled, hurray! As a thank you for staying out of too much trouble, I’ve made you and your sisters some yummy meals. Yes, you may eat them all in one sitting as long as you promise to stop if you get a tummy ache. Do your best, Love Dad. PS, don’t sleep in your uniform, and don’t keep food in your hair.”

“Hmm…” Sib began as he stared over at the note from her right forearm. “If only you knew how to read, you’d know it says share your food with me.”

“You got me in trouble,” Una said as he gave Sib a death stare.

“Hey now, let’s… not talk about this and do… share your food. Besides, it was your idea to nap under heated sheets in your uniform. If you showered you wouldn’t have had food in your hair.”

“… Kaida?”

“Don’t fucking speak to me,” she snapped while flicking off the lights to her room before climbing into bed. With a huff, Kaida turned away, yanking her bed sheets up to her neck. After about a minute of silence, she finally asked, “What?”

“I still haven’t found a terminal.”

“… That’s great news actually,” said Kaida.

“The captain thinks it’s something the three of us can figure out together,” said Una.

“Why, there has to be at least a hundred of those things.”

“Unless everyone’s using those phones, there are fewer. Sib,” Una focused her gaze on the spider avatar right as he finished propping open her lunch box trying to get at its contents while she was distracted.

“Wha?! I didn’t do anything,” he said defensively.

“You said finding a terminal should be easy, right?”

“I… didn’t say that exactly but yes.”

“Then I think someone’s fucking with us.”

Kaida rolled over in bed with wide eyes.

“That bitch that attacked us?” Kaida asked.

“Maybe,” said Una said while grabbing a large piece of freshly cooked pork with just her fingers and stuffing it into her mouth. Sib on the other hand took a carrot to use as a sword.

“Ugh,” Kaida began. “The fact you’re the firstborn spent the most time with the captain, and still don’t know to eat with a fucking fork, pisses me off. And it’s not a maybe, It has to be the same one. If this place is run by a bunch of freaks of nature hiding a bunch of terminals is not only possible but should even be allowed. The captain figured it out but didn’t do anything because of that fact.”

“Do you think we’re being watched right now?” Una asked.

“Nope!” Sib chimed. “That would be against the rules and would be met with a kick to the face from me. I’d give the jerk one of these, heya!” He jumped and kicked at the air with one of his spider legs. “The military values personal space, after all, there wouldn’t be much to fight for, all things considered.”

“Then why in the fuck don’t I have a fourth wall to my damn bedroom?” Kaida asked.

“Because your fat ass would probably eat the wall,” Una said, causing Kaida to glare as best she could with her still-swollen face. The nun huffed and turned away, mumbling a swear. Una went on to say, “Someone’s going through a lot of trouble to hide the terminals. I bet we can use them to find that bastard.”

“You’re right,” Kaida began. “But I’m gonna make sure to find it before you, so choke on a bone and die you shit bitch.”

“I thought this wasn’t supposed to be boot camp,” Kaida whined as she dropped to the ground and climbed back to her feet to the chanting of Sergeant Dimitri.

“Who in the hell is talking while I’m talking?!” Yelled Sergeant Dimitri. To Una’s surprise, no one ratted out the nun. Una felt obligated to do so but there was finally a pause in their workout. Even more shocking, Kaida held up her own hand, getting the boy’s attention. The Sergeant recoiled as he said, “Good God! What the hell happened to you?! I don’t condone this level of violence towards a nun, even towards a nun who lost her way,” he said while studying Kaida’s swollen face.

“I’m okay,” she gasped for air. “I’m okay… the swelling will… go down soon. But why… why are we… doing… doing…” Unable to finish her sentence, Kaida just threw her right hand to the side at the whole group of panting humans.

“You’re right, sister! It’s not a boot camp, it’s an academy designed to teach and train you from the moment you stepped foot here.” His voice became softer as he stepped closer. “Now, if you don’t mind… I’d like to continue.”

Kaida’s face was already flushed thanks to Sergeant Dimitri’s training so it was hard for Una to tell if her sister was blushing, figuring the nun had a thing for the small human. Una shared a glance with Zaras making it clear she was thinking the same thing. The rest of the day had been pretty much the same except this time Sergeant Dimitri made sure everyone took a break for lunch and dinner. Not only were they allowed to get almost as much as they wanted, but the food was far better than what they were fed on the Star Seeker. The Queens of the ship made it clear that their daughters would be allowed only the minimum amount of luxuries, and less than that for anyone being punished. Those who behaved were given treats from their captain, good behavior as in going a day without swearing, saying please and thank you; Simple things called manners that the Queens didn’t personally care for as their main focus was or is… making sure all of their subordinates were lethal killing machines or at least die as an example of what being weak looks like.

Una found Sargent Dimitri’s training to be a breath of fresh air compared to what her mother put her through, however, she wasn’t sure if his training was as effective. Sure the boy was tough and made sure to remind everyone of that fact throughout their training, but her mother had never lost a fight, no matter how strong her opponent was. Still, she was hopeful that this less violent form of training would put her on her mother’s level or at least on a level that told her father she’d come back home safe and sound.

During lunch, while Una and her sisters were stuffing their faces, the tables around them were empty. Nobody wanted to even eat near them thanks to the fight that broke out last time. Emmanuel said hello but went to go sit with his group instead. Una wished they were eating in silence but somehow the topic of Kaida’s favorite game, Apocalypse, came up.

“Oh, I understand,” Zaras said in between bites. “I understand you don’t get any boy pussy.”

“Why do I even talk to you,” Kaida groaned.

Una tried to mind her own business, not caring for either interests of her sisters but the fact that her demonic sister was trying to strike up a conversation with Zaras meant her sister was socially starved. On the Star Seeker, her demonic sisters spent a lot of their free time talking about their unholy bible and trying to understand it better. With Emmanuel spending time with his own group, Una was sure Kaida was feeling restless, so she had an idea.

“What’s the name of that game?” Una asked.

“Apocalypse, it’s the best game ever,” said Kaida.

“What, it’s kind of loud. I can barely hear you,” Una lied.

Kaida took a deep breath and yelled,


The cafeteria went silent as all eyes landed on their table. A random kid broke the silence.

“Well, du! Which one though?”

Kaida scoffed as she said,

“Why in the hell would I dignify that with a response?”

“You shouldn’t,” another kid said. “Because all of them are good.”

Kaida turned and looked in the voice’s direction and asked,

“Of course, they’re all good, who in the hell thinks otherwise?!”

A little under half of the kids there raised a hand, immediately sparking a heated debate between those who loved the whole game series and those who loved some of them.

“I literally have six thousand hours of game time, I know what I’m talking about!” Said a random kid.

“Congratulations, you picked up a bad habit, probably making you a crappy pilot! The first few installments had horrible drift!” Said another.

“You just had to reinstall it!” Yelled Kaida.

“Why though?! We can jump a starship clear across the galaxy but can’t make a game work the first time every time?!”

“Not the game you idiot, the part!” Said Kaida.

“Something you only get when you mix old and new parts,” a kid said in Kaida’s defense.

“That’s a stupid game mechanic!” Shouted a random kid.

“You’re stupid!” Barked Kaida.

“I’m actually training to be a combat mechanic so I know what I’m talking about. They shouldn’t even allow you to use old parts after the last installment!” Said another.

“Combat… mechanic?” Kaida said slowly as if she was about to come to a breathtaking realization. Whatever was going through her head, she shook it off with a look of irritation. “If you’re a good mechanic it wouldn’t matter.”

“If you’re a good pilot you wouldn’t use outdated parts!”

Una felt as if she dodged a bullet in having to be the one to share in her sister’s game talk but Zaras wouldn’t stop glaring at Una either because the rest of lunch was full of gamers arguing or Kaida was getting more attention from boys than her. Talk pretty much died down when lunch was over and training started back up. Needless to say for the rest of the day Kaida was in higher spirits knowing that there were many that shared her interests.

When the sun had finally set, Sergeant Dimitri told everyone that tomorrow was another free day. One of the cadets popped a question that was on everyone’s mind.

“Sargent Dimitri? What exactly are we supposed to be doing here?”

The drill instructor placed his knuckles to his hips. He was a few inches shorter than everyone but somehow he stood as if he was the tallest. His eyes were hard to see thanks to his disk-like hat that looked sharp enough to cut someone. The boy’s lips formed a small grin as he spoke.

“I’ll admit, Hall Academy isn’t very normal. Then again anything created by someone with an IQ spilling out their wazoo is strange as heck. But lucky for you my class doesn’t require too much brain power. Unfortunately for you, my class is mandatory. I have trained the toughest! I have trained the baddest! I have trained the meanest and the downright nastiest!… But enough about me.”

“Bah,” Kaida began. “If you’re so mighty why don’t you fight the war yourself uhh… Sir?” Kaida tried to fix her disrespect by addressing the boy with Sir.

“First off Sir is my daddy, I am NOT my daddy!” His gaze snapped to the side, seemingly lost in a memory. “I like my daddy.” He snapped his gaze at Kaida when he realized he still hadn’t answered the nun’s question. “Second, that’s for you to figure out, dismissed.”


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