Princess Space Marine Number 2218

(eBook Manga/Novel Coming Soon)

There’s a zombie outbreak and 3 hateful sisters must cooperate to survive.

Number 2218, daughter of an old evil Orc Queen and a young loving human prince, wakes from her drop pod to find the ship she was born on is falling from orbit. With a few thousand of her emergency deployed sisters having become compromised by an unknown zombie fungus, 2218 must work with her hateful sisters, a devil-worshiping nun, and a katana-wielding feline, to finish the mission. A mission with a 0% survivability, at least that’s what the little brother AI says.

Every chapter will have no less than one illustration or manga page.

The story will be released with or without funding but if you’d like early access to each chapter, support the story on Patreon for early access or support the book on Indiegogo when the full book is finished.

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I found it interesting. The dialogue between main character and the ship was done well. The overall writing was well thought out and well planed out.

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Princess Space Marine Number 2218

There’s a zombie outbreak and three hateful sisters from different species must work together to save their ship and father.

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