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Chapter Twelve

The Loving Prince Of Evil

“I’m pretty sure this room was never here before. Are you sure this is the place?” Una asked.

“Of course I’m sure,” Kaida mumbled with an uneasy tone.

“Might be an unfinished airlock. You should go inside and see,” Zaras purred.

“Shut up,” Kaida grunted.

The three of them stood in front of a door they had never been to before. They were born on the ship, getting into fights all over it and yet a wide metal door sat where an empty wall used to be. Una’s face was swollen and covered in bruises while she held four of her left fingers in her right hand. She could just barely see the door, let alone her sisters who were also covered in bruises and more. Kaida looked much worse thanks to her kind not being able to take much physical damage. So her body looked bloated as if she had an allergic reaction to the beating she got. Zaras was a bit too fast for Una’s body shots but still, she had lost both of her eyes thanks to Kaida’s marksmanship.

“Maybe it’s the rubber bullets in my brain but,” Zaras began. “I’m getting a bad vibe from the other side.”

“Mmm, if… my Queen is on the other side… looking like this in front of father could be problematic,” Kaida moaned.

“I’ll go first,” Una said.

“You mean last, you fuck,” Kaida said as she started to wobble toward the door.

Not wanting to be last, Una and Zaras stepped forward at the same time, causing the thick metal door to slide open. A powerful aura washed over their weak bodies, causing them to crumble to the floor.

Una, Daughter 2218 Of Alais The Unbeatable Orc Queen

Eyes still closed, Una became conscious of the sounds around her. First, she noticed the slightly annoying rapid clicks and tapping. Next, she could hear purring, no doubt coming from her sister and because she could also hear her father’s voice, she figured wherever she was didn’t necessarily require her to get up from her surprisingly comfortable position. The young Orc felt a pillow under her head and an incredibly warm blanket covering her. She turned on her left side only to feel a gentle touch on the side of her right cheek, somehow making her comfortable position even better.

“It was for this reason that we banned giving birth at the start of this war. Given our advancements in preventive aging, we’ve gained eternal youth for the inability to create life. Those horrible old queens you’ve allowed to become your commanders are beneficial in our struggle to cure the adult virus. A path that we’re grateful to take instead of slaughtering the lot of them like pigs. However, your commanders are the literal definition of evil, one of them IS the devil,” the unknown voice said, with repressed rage in her tone.

“A devil,” Una’s father corrected with a soft tone. “And the granddaughter of the real devil supposedly.”

“That’s beside the point, Captain. They are rapists, cannibals, murderers, pedophiles,” the feminine unknown voice spat. “The spawn you call daughters are no better, and your daughters are proud of it.”

“I know,” said Una’s father.

Una’s heart raced as she wanted very much to defend him, but the touch of her father seemed to calm her blind fury.

“Do you understand how taboo your position is? It spits in the face of everything we’re fighting for… against!”

“I know.”

“Do you know you’re being labeled as the Prince of evil?”

“I know.”

“Captain Abby,” a soft unknown voice of a boy spoke up. “Captain Adam comes from a world where evil is the natural order.”

“But, Major Red,” Captain Abby began but was cut off.

“And the fact he’s alive today after twelve years means something. Also, you’ve made your position very clear when you first met him,” Major Red said.

“Mm… I guess,” Captain Abby groaned.

“With that being said, what transpired today is problematic and we will decide on our next choice of action after Sergeant… 16409’s questioning.”

“About her,” Una’s father began but was cut off by Major Red.

“I believe we’re all in agreement that you should be the one to decide her punishment. Keep in mind, if she refuses to fall back in line, she must be removed from the ship and her memories erased.”

“She should be killed,”

Una kept her eyes closed but that remark clearly came from her demonic nun of a sister, Kaida. Still, Una was unsure where that tapping and clicking was coming from.

“We have a no-kill kid policy,” Captain Abby began, sounding even more annoyed than before.

“Shhh,” Una’s father hushed softly. “This is a meeting, dear. The three of you aren’t technically supposed to be here if even my commanders were denied access.”

“But it’s true, father. Love and compassion can only go so far. I bet you could see this if my Queen was here to explain it to you. Not the other Queens, of course, they should all just drop dead.”

“Hmm… would you mind playing for me while I finish? If that’s okay with you Major Red.”

“Captain Adam,” Captain Abby began. “These meetings were designed to gauge sanity while we spoke. While your sanity has been in the green all things considered, this meeting isn’t over. And from what we’ve seen, your crew is full of psychopaths.” Aside from the constant tapping and clicks Una heard an odd pause in the conversation. “… Fine, we’ve plenty of headsets and controllers.” 

“Father, I don’t see how playing a game is appropriate right now. All of these commanders and generals are a bunch of, ” Kaida gasped. “What is this, what is this?!” She said as her excitement grew.

“It’s a… mech simulator shooter… called Apocalypse,” Captain Abby.

“You lie,” Kaida spat. “I’ve played one, two, and three, what the hell is this?!”

“Well… Brigadier General Mary had come up with the idea to combine all past installments into Apocalypse Online,” Captain Abby said.

A piercing sound filled Una’s right ear causing her to quickly reach up and cover it. Before she could, however, her father’s hand had already done so. An uneasy aura like before, began to wash over Una but only for a moment followed by countless different voices protesting the noise. Una finally opened her eyes and snapped her gaze in the direction the sound was coming from. Realizing it was Kaida screaming while wearing a visor, Una attempted to crash the back of her knuckles into the side of her sister’s thigh. Her attack failed as her father lightly swatted her fist down into the thick and soft carpeted flooring before he cupped his hand over Kaida’s mouth.

“Kaida, you’re screaming,” Adam said softly.

“I’m sorry Father but this is the best thing ever! I had no idea others played this! I thought it was only you and I, while that’s okay I was starting to WorryThatWeWouldGetBoredOfJustPlayingStupidBots!”

While Una’s father tried to get her to calm down, Una sat up, pulling her warm blanket closer to her body. Giving her body a small check, she was as good as new, sadly the same was said for her sisters. She glanced over at Zaras purring and fumbling all over their father. Rubbing her fur-covered cheek on the side of his face and neck, seeming to be lost in pure ecstasy. While her actions were not technically perverted at the moment, Una still felt the need to skin the feline and wear her like a coat. Kaida freaking out over a virtual reality mech game and Zaras being a borderline pervert made Una see her sisters as pathetic. After all, the best thing in life was a nice soft bed, maybe a floor bed as well, Una considered. After reinforcing her hatred for her sisters, Una noticed the large room she had woken up in. Dimly lit, covered with soft blue and purple neon lights. There were pockets of young humans sitting on the soft carpet around tables with headsets and controllers in hand, while on the other side of the room, some sat in large sofas and others in chairs facing monitors.

“Is… this human school?”

A random human girl serving drinks stopped and said,

“No, it’s,” 

“Don’t care, fuck off,” Una spat.

“Una,” Captain Adam said softly as he worked on tightening Kaida’s headset. Similar to the one on his own head. “These are high-ranking officials and are extremely strong.” He leaned into her ear for a moment to whisper. “Also it makes me look good if you’re extra super nice to them.” 

“I just want my reward so I can leave. Sib told us we’d be compensated for the mission,” said Una.

“Oh! That’s true, assuming he told you everything I told him, I was informed by the tip-top, the head of our military, that the Star Seeker must have access to many different luxuries,” said Adam.

“Mm,” Una grunted with a mix of patience and annoyance. “We’ll be able to earn money and buy things, I know.”

“Of course you know, because you’re so smart,” he cooed, pinching her cheeks. “But did you know that you can technically buy anything you want? As long as you don’t corner the market of course. In other words, you could even buy your own world!” He sang.

Zaras took a moment from snuggling to ask,

“Can I buy slaves, Daddy?”

Captain Adam gave a puzzled before turning towards a boy who was formally dressed in white with gold lining. He too was wearing a headset over his eyes, while to his right a creature wrapped in bandages sat next to him. It too wore white and gold though with fewer stars.

“I’m technically a slave.” Una recognized the voice as Major Red. He went on to say, “I was killed in my past life but thanks to my strength and skills being valued, my brain was placed in this lab-grown body. Zero point one percent of human adults survive the age-reversing process, so other measures had to be taken.”

“So you’re a slave?” Zaras asked, as her sharp gaze snapped towards him. “How about you come here and lick my,” 

The feline’s vibrato faded. Una was sure it was thanks to the horrible feeling now in the air. 

“While I’m technically a slave,” Major Red began. “I still have my free will.”

“Wh…” Zaras took a moment to try and shake off the feeling. “What kind of slave is given free will?”

“The kind that wants to make a difference for the youth. Never in my years did I expect to see kids from all walks of life being pushed into war, shaking hands with devils and angels, killer AI, robots, and other monsters. Back in the day, someone your age would pee her pants at the sight of a monster but now… youth will most likely welcome the challenge. It’s my job to make sure you remember what fear is… and what it means to be a kid and enjoy life while you can. You’re allowed to buy anything you like, currently, slaves are not an option as adult bodies are never allowed to step foot on any ship or land belonging to the youth. Doing so would require the destruction of said ship and land. Buying another kid is also forbidden.”

“So… that girl we brought back,” Una began. “She had that really big guy with him and if he stepped foot off the drop ship and onto the Star Seeker?”

“This ship would have been decommissioned… But thanks to him surviving his age reversal, here we are. By the way, Captain Adam, how are your two guests doing?”

“Just fine! Mercredi is in max quarantine at the moment,” Una’s father said while casually flicking the controller in his lap. Kaida on the other hand didn’t seem as relaxed while playing their stupid robot game.

“I’m sorry for that. As you stated in your report, you’re both pretty close,” Major Red said.

“Oh!” Una’s father perked up. “Before I could even break the news about our procedure, she brought it up herself. Stating that anyone with a brain would take extra protection to avoid what happened planet side. Her body gives off mind-controlling spores and until she finds a way to control it, she expects that she will stay in max quarantine. Her butler, Embardée on the other hand is free to roam under the supervision of my commanders. Given his strength and skills as a butler, they seem to take a liking to him.”

“This is stupid,” Una stood, still clutching the thick blanket around her. Turning to face Major Red, she said, “All of this bu,” she caught herself from cursing and glanced at her father. He gave her a thumbs up, no doubt congratulating her for making an attempt to be respectful. “All of these things are a distraction. Our job is to kill and die, everything else just makes you weak and pathetic.” She gave Kaida a scathing glare, as the nun shifted from left to right, fully immersed in the mech simulator. Rolling her eyes, she made her way to the exit.

“I feel like the green turd was staring at me,” Kaida said. “Was she staring at me? How do I see without taking off my headset?”

“I’m gonna step away for a moment, protect daddy’s armor?” Adam asked as he slipped off his headset and placed down his controller. Even guiding Zaras to the floor, with a belly rub, mouthing for her to give him a moment.

“What?!” Kaida yelled “But you’re on the other side of the map, and it’s a free-for-all, ahh,” Kaida grunted while squeezing her control, determined to fulfill his request.  

Before Una could reach the exit, she felt her father’s arms wrap around her from behind. Feeling her father’s chin press into her left shoulder.

“Thank you, Una,” her father whispered. 

Una stood there staring at the sliding door getting a small knot in her gut. She loved her father’s attention but the last thing she wanted was for it to make her week. Something that could cost Una her life on the battlefield and break her father’s heart even further.

“Just… call me when you… need me to kill something.”

She pulled away and stepped out of the sliding door. Before it closed behind her, she got a glance at her father giving her a small wave and a loving smile. Finally, alone with her thoughts, she stepped over the trail of blood left behind by her and her sisters as she began her long walk back to her room. She was about to step back on the elevator when she heard the sound of someone struggling for their life. Sure she wanted to crawl back into bed and pretend to be dead for as many hours as she could but watching someone die was always a pretty interesting experience. Something most of the marines on the ship agreed with. While a hug from her father was a mood booster like no other, her spirits grew even more, the closer she moved towards the room. Just like the last room, Una had no memory of anything being in this corridor. Stepping into the doorway, she saw a destroyed room and in the middle, the unbeatable Ork Queen, her mother trading bone-snapping blows with Embardée a mere human.

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The Orc Queen was topless with black underwear matching her fingerless black gloves. Embardée on the other hand wasn’t wearing his black formal dress coat but still had on his black tie and white dress shirt to go with his black pants and shoes. The two weren’t as fast as the Chaton Queen, who seemed to be on edge as she sat on the side of the room with Lucy, the Queen of hell. While the Chaton Queen couldn’t seem to get comfortable on the bench she sat on, Lucy sat with her arms and legs crossed, watching. Una was sure they noticed her but unlike the captain, the Queens didn’t pay much attention to any of their underlings. It was as if she and her sisters didn’t exist. Nearby was a small fairy nurse, peeking through the cracks of her fingers at the bloody fight.

“A new training room?” Una asked no one in particular.

The nurse glanced over at Una sporting a shy smile on her face and her numeric name on her uniform, a name Una didn’t care to look at. The two might have been related thanks to their father but it didn’t stop her from wondering what fairies tasted like. Seeing the fairy as anything more than a future snack was an insult to Una’s pride.

“Not at all you piece of scum,” the fairy, chimed with a soft shy voice. “Though with how stupid you are, it’s no wonder you’d present yourself to the captain half-dead. With how much he cares for his daughters you’d think you’d have brains not to do that. You and your ugly friends. I hope you three get aids from fucking each other and die.”

Una didn’t take the baited taunt, at least she didn’t want to do so in front of her mother. Sure her mother was in the middle of a heated fight but she was still very much observant of her surroundings and judging Una anywhere she could, Una thought. Letting out a small yawn, Una asked.

“What are aids?”

“It’s an earthly disease. We just learned about it,” the fairy said proudly. “Also this room isn’t used for training but for fun. In the coming days, a few more Queens and their disgusting spawns will be moving here. The Spider Queen, Alraune Queen, Dark Elf,  Dragon.”

“There’s no dragon Queen,” Una said as a matter of fact.

“Oh, that reminds me. We got a report from Sib that you’re hard of hearing because I didn’t say dragon Queen, I said simply… dragon. There will be ambassadors on the ship, representing nations who are hesitant about expanding their reach into the stars under the captain. Anywho, thanks to the captain having more daughters, he feels sparring rooms like these will help fix spontaneous violence among the crew.”

“Just another damn distraction,” Una grunted as she slowly spun and started her walk back to her room.

“I even heard one of your filthy distant relatives is coming,”

Stopping, Una glanced back over her shoulder and said,

“You know we’re all related, right?”

“A horrible curse I must live with, I know. But these Orcs aren’t feces-colored like you,” the fairy flew in closer and whispered, “they’re red. Due to the deaths of all those adopted Orcs and Alais the Orc Queen refusing to birth more than you as her one daughter, the captain is in need of another bach of mindless drones.” The fairy fluttered to the other side of Una’s head. “Soon there will be two Orc Queens and once your death is confirmed, Alais will lose her rank as commander.”

“And you’re bothering me with this useless information because?” Una asked while keeping her gaze trained through the doorway.

“You’ve been on the Star Seeker the longest. The captain’s firstborn and the last of your disgusting bloodline. Everyone knows you hate your Queen and you think of the captain as a fool. Oh, how you must suffer from such high expectations and such love and affection from the captain when all you want is to drop dead. That’s why you sleep so much right? Hoping to never wake up? If you like I could… help you with that…” Fairies were the medical workforce of the Star Seeker, and the fairy behind Una was cutting her deeper and deeper with only her words, like a dull scalpel. The fairy’s hand reached out, holding a small tube of pills. “Given the Queen’s powerful tolerance, the drugs they take have to be really strong. What do you think would happen if you took a Queen’s sleeping pills?”

Una stared at the pills while molding over her words until Zaras and Kaida stepped in the doorway.

“You left Daddy’s presence just so you can hang out in a room full of Queens… and a fairy?” Zaras asked with her arms crossed.

“I thought I heard someone dying,” Una said while swatting away the manipulative fairy.

“Ooooh,” Kaida and Zaras both said at the same time, soon noticing the fight to the death going on behind her.

“Well uhh…” Zaras began. “The captain… told us to find you and go somewhere,” she said almost a tad distracted.

“Another mission?” Una said a slight eyebrow raised.

“A promotion,” Kaida said. “Apparently our promotion is in,”

“Why didn’t he just tell me while I was in there?” Una asked.

“Because it wasn’t his idea,” Zaras said while glancing over at Kimi, the Chaton Queen. “Captain Abby, the girl wrapped in bandages, suggested it.”

“Pfft, she needs her head ripped off, move,” Una said while stepping past the two into the corridor. She pushed them both out of the way only to be concerned when it didn’t instigate a fight. She looked back at the two as if they were up to something.

“Let’s get going,” Zaras began as she moved towards the elevator down the hall. “We shouldn’t talk in front of trash.”

Silence fell over the three of them as they boarded the elevator. This made Una feel uneasy as if they were plotting to kill her or at least it would have if she wasn’t in an oddly good mood. The three watched the doors close before Kaida spoke.

“There’s one condition to the promotion we’re being given.”

“If we fight, we lose it,” Zaras said.

“Bullshit, I’d rather die,” Una spat.

“I’d rather you die too, you piece of shit,” Kaida began. “But those are the rules if we want to keep our promotion.”

“What’s the damn promotion?!” Una asked.

“We don’t know,” Zaras began. “Daddy says it’s a surprise. So he’s probably going to be waiting naked for me!” 

Una stared tired empty eyes at the door while Kaida was shivering with rage.

“Hmm…” Una began. “What happens if someone attacks us?”

“Self… defense is fine,” Kaida said while gritting her teeth. “But we also must follow protocol and report it.”

“Since when do we report those?” Una asked.

“Since now. The military we represent has rules and laws we must follow and in return for following said rules, we get promoted. It also doubles as our reward for the mission.”

“What if we kill Zaras and say it was suicide?” Una asked, nodding in Zaras’s direction.

“My ignorant green sista, I would love to see you try,” Zaras said with a smirk.

“I thought of that but, no,” Kaida began. “The captain says he’ll be watching us… closely.” 

“He does that already for all of us,” Una said.

“To a point, dumb ass. But now it’s even more than that. Normally he checks in on us periodically, but now it’ll be every day for us.” 

“Hmm… I bet we can make the others jealous enough to attack us so we have a reason to kill in self-defense,” Una said.

“That would be a dream come true,” Zaras began. “But the best part is we’ll be allowed to take direct commands from the Captain without getting reprimanded by our direct commander.”

“I… don’t know how I feel about that,” Una said.

“While I’m happy to not be punished,” Kaida began. “I’m also concerned by this. No disrespect to the Captain but the Queen’s are the most experienced when it comes to war. Perhaps… less so when it comes to space. Him leading us to our deaths could be painful to father.”

“I don’t give a damn about dying,” Una spat. “I’m more worried he’d keep us back out of fear of getting us killed. The commanders don’t give a damn about us while the captain…” Una’s shoulders slumped a little under the blanket she still held. The doors slid open and she stepped out last. “He cares too much.” 

“A filthy creature like you should be grateful for such affection,” Kaida began as she led the way to their destination. “The Captain might not say it but because you’re his only spawn of that ungrateful Orc Queen, I wouldn’t be surprised if out of the grief from your death, he sends the ship into hell just to find your soul like he did your mother. The longer you stay alive the more painful it’ll be for him.” The demonic nun glanced over her shoulder past Zaras and at Una. “If you cared about the captain, you should probably kill yourself now rather than later.” 

Kaida, Daughter 5699 Of Lucy The Queen Of Hell

They walked in silence leaving Una alone with her thoughts. Una very much wanted to die. To her, there wasn’t anything worth living for. Sure her captain gave her butterflies in the pits of her stomach while her mother’s very name set her skin on fire with rage, but sleeping was the best feeling in the world. It soon dawned on her that she never asked her captain how he felt about sleeping and if he enjoyed it as much as he does. Perhaps they could try… sleeping together, she thought. Not in a perverted way but more like, just sharing something she enjoys with her favorite person in the universe. The butterflies in her belly were set ablaze as her resolve was strengthened by the very thought.  

“Fuck you, I’ll die when I’m good and ready,” Una blurted out, caring very little that the conversation ended about ten minutes ago. “For now the Captain needs me, much more than a lazy game-addicted nun and a perverted freak who doesn’t know how to respect personal space.”

Kaida stopped and turned to face Una.

“… The hell is wrong with you?” Kaida asked.

“I think she’s overheating under that electric blanket,” Zaras said.

“Electric?” Una asked while looking down at the blanket.

“Damn you’re fucking stupid,” Kaida began. “You didn’t even tell the captain, thank you for giving it to you.”

“To be fair, I thought I was stealing it.”

Kaida stared in disbelief at her Orc sister as Zaras walked past the two and into a door that slid open to a small airlock before opening to a larger space.

“What the hell?” Zaras asked, getting her sister’s attention.

“What is it?” Kaida asked as she quickly walked in after after her. “Move, damn it. You’re blocking the… what?” Kaida started to say as she nudged Zaras to the side.

“It’s an… oversized bedroom… bedrooms?” Una asked while looking over her sister’s shoulders. 

The room they stood in was large and empty while the three walls had an open space leading to separate three-walled bedrooms. A sound came directly from their right, causing all three to snap their gaze to a door near the entrance. Una stepped over and the door slid open to reveal a toilet and sink. The sink was running and in it was Sib’s little black spider body. The water splashed off the spider’s back as it shifted from side to side, dancing.

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls!” Sib sang before finally noticing he was being watched. He screamed, “Ah! Spiderweb go!” He said as he flung a bar of soap from the bathroom with surping speed. Everyone ducked out of the way, letting slip a swear or two.

“Damn it! This is where you’ve been hiding all the time?” Una asked.

“Kind of?” Sib said.

“Aren’t you supposed to be managing the ship?” Zaras asked from over Una and Kaida’s shoulder.

“My mother is doing that.”

“We met her,” Kaida said softly before stepping inside and turning off the water. “We saw your mother. She said you don’t have to hide anymore, the ship is safe.” 

Kaida said as her hand lanced out to try and snatch Sib’s spider body. He jumped out of the way at the last moment, landing on Una’s face who seemed unfazed by it, all things considered.

“I know it’s safe, dummy number two. I’ve been undercover, monitoring for any spooky stuff! Just in case my plugging back into the ship triggered something nasty. That adopted Orc girl and her underlings did some nasty stuff to the ship.” He said while crawling up on top of Una’s head.

“Why not just have robots run the ship? Teaching us how to do it is just a waste of time,” Una said.

“Because the ship has many layers of contingencies! So uh…” Sib’s spider body spun, snapping from side to side to look at Kaida and then Zaras. Zaras seemed to be staring at the walls with Kaida doing the same. Una on the other hand seemed a tad absent-minded. Sure she wanted to go to bed but the blanket she wore was making her as toasty as ever. “You’re here because of your new promotion right?”

“Y-yes…” Kaida said softly. She seemed deep in thought. “The captain asked us to come here for it.”

“I kind of thought we’d already received it in that dumb game room,” Zaras said.

“It’s not dumb!” Kaida snapped as she stepped out of the tiny half-bathroom. “Sib, what the hell is this place? How is this a promotion?”

“Glad you asked, dummy number two! This is one of many standard forms of living, in the Poison Military. This is a hundred by hundred square foot hexagon living room and as you can see each other wall has a few steps leading up into a three-wall bedroom. Allowing you to be in your room but also with how the bedrooms are angled you’re able to see the living room and other bedrooms.”

As he spoke, the three walked into the empty space of the living room. Una noticed her feline sister had been sniffing the air a bit ever since they came inside. Zaras began to step away, up into a bedroom that had an oddly large pillow on it. Oddly to some but to Una, she was sure she knew what it was.

“I’m not living here with these stupid fucks if that’s what you’re implying,” Kaida said.

“I’m not implying that at all,”

“Oh… well good.”

“That’s because I’m telling you. The three of you will be living here.”

Kaida let out a scream, making the others snap their gaze in her direction. Una felt a little sluggish so lazily leaned her head to the side hoping to see Zaras dead on the floor. She was bleeding from her nose so that was a plus, Una thought. Zaras stood there holding a long white pillow, about the size of her body. She had lost her cool composure and was drooling and giggling as if she lost her mind along with it. The feline turned it around, revealing her captain’s likeness covering the pillow. Kaida deflated as she stared in disbelief. Una’s tired eyes opened ever so slightly.

“Nice, is that one heated like my blanket?” Una asked.

“Heh, it’s about to be!” Zaras said as she flopped back on the bed and started stripping out of her clothing.

“Eww…” Sib said.

“Una, don’t indulge that pervert,” Kaida said.

Una gave Kaida’s words some thought before giving a nod.

“You’re right, hey pervert. If you fuck that you’ll ruin a perfectly good sleeping tool, perhaps even the first and last one to be made.”

Zaras already had her panties down and around her ankles, as she froze in bed. Thinking it over, she finally asked,

“Do you think he’ll make me another one?”

“Do you really wanna risk destroying a perfectly good sleeping tool?” Una asked.

“Sleeping tool?” Kaida asked.

“Just like the battlefield, there are tools for everything. Depending on how you sleep can affect the mission. I’ve personally never used a body pillow but I am a tad envious. I suppose there’s a first time for everything.”

Una droned as her tired gaze slid from left to right repeatedly as she watched her naked but very fluffy sister roll around in bed, locking her new body pillow between her arms and thighs. Kaida stood there staring wide-eyed at her green sister before saying, 

“I’m done,” Kaida stepped over to the door that wouldn’t slide open. “Sib, open this damn door! I want away from these freaks,” Kaida demanded as she waited at the exit.

“What about your promotion?” Sib asked.

“I don’t need it. My greatest reward is serving my Queen and my Captain, so open this damn door already.”

“Hmm… I’m trying but… It’s locked by the ship,” Sib said.

“There’s technically…” Una paused to yawn, “supposed to be a lockdown.”

“Oh yeah!” Sib said, bouncing playfully on top of Una’s head. “The captain didn’t want a fight to break out so until his meeting is over, we’re kind of stuck in here. What about you, you want to give up your promotion?” Sib asked Una, giving her scalp a few jabs with his spider leg.

“Is this what the Captain wants?” Una lazily asked.

“Uhm… yes I suppose.”

“Then this is my new room,” Una said as she glanced at the two remaining bedrooms. Glancing around to try and see what one belonged to her, nothing stood out so she just picked one. “Unlike those dumbasses, I obey orders.”

“Who’re you calling a dumb ass?!” 

Zaras and Kaida said at the same time, giving Una a momentary cold glare. The young Orc didn’t seem to care as she scanned the bed realizing it was larger than all of her last ones. Pulling back the cover, she was surprised to see there was a sheet and a blanket instead of just one thin sheet that did nothing to keep her warm. Placing her blanket on top, she quickly slid into bed with a small sigh. Opening her eyes she asked,

“Sib, how do you turn off the lights?”

“Uhhh… I think it’s a remote?”

He lept off her forehead and onto the desk next to her bed. Una rolled on her side, watching Sib as he scurried around the desk, opening drawers and flinging random things out of it.

“How in the hell are you thinking about sleep right now?” Kaida asked.

“More importantly, how… is the captain doing?” Una asked, her eyes still trained on Sib as he causally made a mess of her new room.

“Worse… I believe we’ve only made it worse. Maybe we shouldn’t have interrupted his meeting the way we did,” Kaida said as she pulled her black bible out and flipped through a few pages. Jabbing her finger down into the book, she read. “It was within my father’s dreams, home of the unseen. Tears that bathed the lands… yet unable to cleanse his bloody hands. I am haunted, said he. Weep on me, sang Lucy. I shall lick thine hands clean, hold you close my boy King. Place your head upon my breasts, suckle me whilst you rest.” 

Kaida closed the black bible and wrapped her arms around it to her chest. She took a moment to breathe in the words meaning.

“That’s pretty hot,” Zaras said.

“My Queen,” Kaida began as she glanced rage at Zaras for a moment before walking up into the last empty bedroom. “She knows what it means to lose someone she loves. So I’m positive the captain will confide in her once he sleeps… whenever he sleeps.” Her eyes gazed over the bed as if to envision her father resting in his becoming locked in the comforting embrace of her Queen. She noticed something at the corner of her eyes, turning to see a slim colorful box on top of the room’s desk. Stepping closer, Kaida’s eyes lit up when she saw a picture of a familiar-looking mech brandishing a sniper rifle and at the top of the box read Apocalypse Plastic Model Kit.



Don't Cross The Bridge

A baby-faced little boy who's tougher than he looks with a smart mouth, and a pretty little girl with a mean right hook and a foul mouth.

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