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Chapter Eleven

My Doctor Is A Thicc Evil Fairy Queen

The captain stood at the foot of the ramp in his dress uniform of white, lined with gold. While he wore a warm welcoming smile, Kaida hinted that there was pain in the captain’s eyes. He had always done his best to glow positivity, somehow able to outshine the darkness the commanding officers seemed to have. 

“I swore I’d find you, did I not?” Captain Adam said, his smile somehow growing.

“Hmm, as far as I know, this could be a dream or an illusion,” Marcredi said as she stepped down the ramp, stopping at the edge. “I was explained much of everything by Sib and I’m sorry. It seems my actions brought about so much death.” 

“I don’t know if I can forgive such a thing… only because it’s not your fault.” His gaze slowly slid from her to Kaifa, to Zaras, and finally Una. “Welcome home, please head to medbay for…”

The captain trailed off as the sound of crunching glass and metal could be heard. Everyone turned to see it was coming from Embardée. While they were talking, he turned to Una and gently slipped the APS from the girl’s hand. Una had the desire to pull it out of his reach, mostly out of spite, after all, nothing in life is free. Given the situation, she allowed him to take it only for him to place the APS in his mouth and start to chew.

“He’s eating an APS,” Una said, frowning a bit more at the thought of glass digging into her gums if she tried that.

“What the, is he retarted?” Kaida asked. 

“If he is,” Zaras began, “that means she got herself killed by one.” Zaras hooked a thumb in Una’s direction. “Her neck snapped like a stick when he backhanded her.”

“The fact she tried boxing the beast after watching him shrug off a fifty caliber bullet to the head means she’s retarted as well,” Kaida said.

“Actually, Embardée is pretty smart,” the captain began, “his actions speak louder than his words.”

Mercredi watched Embardée, and while she didn’t show much emotion, she was deeply concerned by what would happen next. Right before everyone’s eyes, his body began to shrink and his age reversed. She was even shocked that his clothing shrank with him. Zaras quickly became disappointed, seeming to mirror her Queen’s disappointment as well. Embardée looked himself up and down before rubbing his face.

“How do you feel, Embardée?” Mercredi asked.

He gave an approving groan and nod. While before his groans were deep enough to vibrate the floor, this time he just sounded like a little boy who refused to use his words.

“We’ll try to get you a mirror,” Adam said.

“His clothing was repaired too?” Mercredi asked.

“The all-purpose syringes are pretty versatile. In fact, I plan on using them to regrow the body of my daughter, 16409.” Adam held out his palms to Una who quickly understood what he wanted. “With that being said, the syringes we’re still unsure of any long-term effects so they’re only to be used on special occasions.”

“How could you still call her that after what she’s done?” Kaida asked.

While the nuns were very attuned to the captain’s emotions, Kaida couldn’t help herself. 

“For the same reason, I’d do the same for you,” Adam said softly as he pulled the helmet to his chest. Treating it as if it were the most delicate thing in the universe. “You could kill me in my sleep… wouldn’t change who you are to me.” Staring at the helmet a bit longer he finally looked up. “Now, the three of you go to medbay.”

“What about her?” Una asked as she nodded in Mercredi’s direction. “What if she turns on you?”

“Hmm?” The young captain directed his warm smile at Una before taking a small glance at Mercredi. “Oh, don’t worry about her, she most definitely will if I give her a reason.” He took a few steps away from the dropship as he said, “I have to question 16409, so I’ll be a tad busy.”

“Care if I joined you?” Mercredi asked.

Captain Adam glanced over his shoulder at his old friend and said;

“Of course not, right this way I’ve so much to,” he trailed off as he heard Zaras’s purring getting a bit louder. “4273, please go take a cold shower.” He said while walking away with Mercredi and Embardée, leaving his escort of commanders.

For a mission that lasted only a couple of hours, the debriefing lasted longer than necessary. Granted this was her first debriefing but Una felt it could have wrapped up faster if the three commanders weren’t arguing about who was the most essential. This annoyed the doctor and her nurses, a race of fairies who were far too small for combat so took up the mantle as the ship’s medics. With that being said, the Queen of fairies, Áine, still had to learn the basics of combat as well as how to use the ship’s tools and weaponry, even if most of the time it was on paper due to their size of twenty-one inches. They were also prevented from using their magic unless it was life-threatening. The captain didn’t want his ship to rely on it too much, just like the APS. Una and her sisters rested back in medical beds, stripped of all their gear and clothing, aside from Una who had some of the nurses and the medbay’s doctor examining her a bit closer than Kaida and Zaras. The medbay door slid open, revealing a top-heavy fairy who wore as little clothing as the Queen of hell herself, or at least it seemed because the fairies were the only ones that weren’t really affected by the de-aging process. Given the fairies’ size and how long they lived, practically making them the grandmothers of the ship, the de-aging process merely took a few wrinkles from their faces. Those on the ship who were more attuned to their sexual side hated the fairies because their breasts and love handles didn’t shrink at all to the de-aging. So when the Queen of Fairies, Áine came into the room, she quickly got a cold glare from Kimi, the Chaton Queen, including Zaras. The Queen of hell, Kimi, didn’t seem to care as she had the power to make herself larger in all the right places, and yet she’d long ago found something much more important than sex and things of that nature. Still, she wore only five percent clothing but that was more out of not caring. The Orc Queen Alais on the other hand, was perhaps one of the most modestly dressed. She even found her own lack of breasts and hips to be a plus to her training. Able to become stronger without the negative effects of carrying around womanly parts.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Alais and Kimi asked the Fairy Queen.

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Áine took a drag of her mana cigarette. Being that smoking tobacco was prohibited, everyone had to find different ways to enjoy such commodities. Everyone, as in the Queens, the soldiers, were not allowed such things. Sparks flew as the four commanders gave each other death stares. Even though they had a long history together, they were willing to kill one another when push came to shove. Áine’s attention was torn away as one of her daughters fluttered in front of her. The girl, who also had a number like many others on the ship, was a doctor of this medbay.

“My Queen,” she said while nodding slightly in Una’s direction, showing a slight bit of desperation.

“You three get the hell out, this isn’t a waiting room.” The Fairy Queen said as she walked passed them over to Una. 

“This one’s clothing has become one with her skin.” The doctor whispered. She tried her best not to share such information with the three loitering commanders. “It’s as if her skin was burned off and it scabbed into the cracks of her clothing and yet… I see no sign of any damage whatsoever.” The Doctor floated over to one of Una’s pockets and scraped a fingernail across the fabric. “Do you feel that?”

“Fuck you,” Una spat as if she was a captive. 

“Watch your mouth or I’ll put you and your little friends in an extended quarantine!”  The doctor snapped.

“That’s a false threat,” Zaras said.

“Not at all,” Kaida began. “The only reason why we’re not in an extended quarantine is because our betters are watching us. One wrong move and we’ll die.”

Zaras plucked her sheathed katana from the side of her hospital bed and pointed it at her Queen as she said;

“Then that just means I should make only the right moves.”

The Chaton Queen stood there eyes wide, almost surprised that one of her daughters was challenging her. In the old days, she would have simply killed her off. She snorted, doing her best to hold off laughter and not antagonize the girl. This annoyed Zaras, causing her to grit her teeth. 

“Are you threatening my Queen?” Kaida asked, doing her best to sound as angry as possible.

“What?” Zaras asked, giving Kaida a confused glance. “She should die too but she’s not my target,” she said with a smirk.

Áine, Queen of the Fairies, ignored the argument as she studied Una’s body while taking a few more puffs. Holding out her free she said;

“Scissors,” and in just a few seconds a nurse picked them up from a table and placed them in her waiting palm. She reached down to cut the fabric, finding it seemingly impossible to snip, and yet it was so flexible. Flipping the scissors before gripping them in her fist, she slammed the tip down on Una’s chest just to see them bend and break. “Is this magic?” Áine asked, glancing in Kaida’s direction.

“Of course not, I’d never give an Orc my Queen’s blessing. The fact a piece of shit like you would even suggest such a thing means you should,” Kaida said with a glare.

Áine ignored the rest of what she had to say as she gave Lucy, the Queen of hell a small glance with the same question in mind. Lucy slightly shook her head, confirming that no such magic was used from her or her span. Since setting foot back on the ship, Una was sure the two were going blab about Sib’s involvement. Zaras had no problem with lying or at least withholding bits of information, but when it came to Kaida, her loyalty to her commander was strong. But for some reason, her commander’s questions were pretty simple. In fact, none of them seemed all that interested in Sib or his involvement. 

“4273, 5699?” Áine began, as she eyed Zaras and then Kaida. “Would either of you like to explain this?” They both remained silent causing Áine to shrug. “Fine, be that way. I will have to remove it for further testing. It’ll be like removing your skin. Can’t have you walking around with an unknown substance. Unless you have something to tell me? Something I can use to help you?” Áine sang only to be met with silence. “Very well,” Áine gave her daughter a nod to proceed with standard protocol. Nurses fluttered over to each of the marines and pressed a tiny mask of knockout gas to their faces. “As much as I’d love to keep you awake for your surgery, the captain considers it inhumane.”

The fairies were one of if not the most non-combative species on the Star Seeker. Sure they were no pushovers but the Captain trusted them the most when it came to keeping the crew healthy. Thanks to how aggressive everyone was, the fairies made sure to keep a large supply of sleep inducers in the form of drugs and gas. Una drifted in and out of consciousness, getting a small glimpse of her arms floating out in front of her. From what little she could see, she was no longer wearing her uniform; however, her skin was missing exposing her muscles yet she didn’t feel a single bit of pain. She felt weightless as if she was fast asleep in her bed without a care in the universe. Una’s gaze was slowly pulled past her fleshless arms and soon past the fluid and glass that contained her, to a figure outside. Her body was far too relaxed for her to even move her eyes but she was pretty sure it was someone familiar. The figure held up a poster that read, “Get Well Soon” with hearts decorating the empty space. Seeing such a thing made her realize it was her father, after all, he was the only one on the ship who would do such a thing. No one cared about anyone’s life, aside from the Captain, even when he’d been wronged. Una finally drifted back to sleep, hoping that when she woke up, she was at least in her birthday suit, and not just some skinless monster. As she slept, Una had a dream about being torn apart by the zombie swarm and ending up in hell where her soul was torn apart as well. The hell-like torture seemed to last forever until she felt the familiar warm embrace of her father. Una was jarred awake by a thud and shouting.

“I warned you not to try and fuck him,” said Kaida.

“N-no, this is just fourplay,” Zaras grunted. “We Chatan like it rough.”

Una opened her eyes to see a ball of fluff lunging at a small boy wrapped in a thick white blanket that covered him from his neck down and on his head was a sharp round hat that was also white. In the middle of the hat was the boxy symbol that represented the military she and all her sisters fought for. This was the third male she had ever seen in her life and the third or fourth human she’d seen, and the fact he was here on the Star Seeker meant they had guests from higher up the chain of command. The young orc went to push herself up only to freeze, her body trembling with every motion she made. Tiny high-heeled dress shoes came down in her field of view until Una realized it was Áine, the Queen of Fairies.

“Mm, your skin’s gonna be pretty sensitive for a while so try to take it easy.” Áine held out a neatly folded set of white clothing. “Here, put this on. I’m testing a new medical suit. It’s a bit like full-bodied underwear but this is laced with reusable nanites.”

“What happened to my clothes?” Una asked while struggling to sit up. 

Off to the side, Zaras kept getting knocked across the room, every time she rushed at the blanket-wrapped boy.

“Confiscated by the Captain, but I did manage to learn a little bit from whatever was melted to your skin.” Áine lightly shook the folded tights in front of her.

“… Who’s the human?” Una asked, not really trusting Áine enough to wear whatever she was offering.

“The Star Seeker is in lockdown while we’re being visited. At the moment the Captain is in a meeting and Officer Yoko seems to be making sure we stay here.”

Una glanced over at Kaida who sat on a metal bench protruding from the wall. Every now and again she would wipe the blood from her eyes as she read from her book, mouthing the words as she spun a magnifying glass between her fingers.

“Why don’t you kill him so you can leave?” Una asked, trying to bait Áine into possibly losing her rank. 

By the look on Áine’s face, Una was sure she caught on to her plan. Áine gave a small sigh and said;

“Test out my new fabric, and I’ll see what I can do.” Molding it over for a moment, Una finally took it. She pushed through the sensation exploding across every inch of her skin. Things felt ticklish, painful, and even pleasurable all at the same time. Finally slipping on the white skin-tight suit, it was a bit baggy until it finally began to tighten around her while the fabric on the soles of her feet began to harden into shoes. The whole time, Áine watched and studied her new creation before she asked, “How do you feel?”

Finally being able to stand Una said;

“Much… better.”

“Good, I’ll be monitoring your every move to further my research,” Áime said. 

While walking away back to her desk, Officer Yoko kept knocking the horny Chaton back every time she rushed him. It wasn’t the first time Una watched Zaras get smacked around but it was the first time to see her being outdone by a young human. Officer Yoko simply stood there guarding the exit with a sleepy-eyed smile. She couldn’t even see how the young human was doing it, still, Zaras refused to give up. Trying her luck from different angles followed by a bang that sent her flying and a thump that sent Zaras flying into the wall or across the floor.

“Don’t just stand there,” Kaida said. “Maybe if you attack him together, it will work.”

“What will work, getting my ass kicked?” Una asked.

“Yes, but more importantly we must go support our father in his hour of need.”

“He’s in trouble?!” Una asked while clenching her fists.

“Not really, look it’s hard to explain, just do something.”

Watching Zaras get knocked around like a rag doll, she did wanna try and make him move. After all, this was the first time she had ever seen a human in space. Una stepped up to the boy, realizing that he was a tad smaller than her, standing right up to her chest. Doing her best to channel her inner Orc, she said;

“Move or I’ll hurt you.” In the blink of an eye, Una’s world went dark. When she opened her eyes, she was on the floor. She was lying on her back at Kaida’s feet who was still calmly reading her bible. “What happened?”

“Huh? Oh… you went flying through the air and slid to a stop right there. You’ve been passed out for thirty seconds. It was quite pathetic really, speaking to a male only to be knocked out by one.”

“He hit me but… I feel perfectly fine,” Una said as she slowly sat up to see Áine wrapping up a passed-out Zaras. “What the hell happened to her?”

“She managed to graze him I think,” Kaida began. “So he dislocated her arms.”

“Why don’t you do something?”

“What do you think I’ve been doing? Now shut up for a second, or forever, just kill yourself.” Kaida took a moment to wipe the blood from her eyes before she held up her magnifying glass. Placing it over her right eye she peered through at the little boy that refused to move. “He’s human,” she said, a little shocked.

“How’s he so strong?” Una asked as she slowly pulled herself up onto the bench beside her. She leaned in close to try and see what she was seeing.

“I don’t know,” Kaida said as she watched Áine’s legs pass by as she made her way to her desk, next to the door and the boy. Zaras pressed on the other side of Kaida, her right arm now wrapped in bandages compared to the rest of her.

“How big is his penis?” asked Zaras.

“With my Queen’s blessing,” Kaida began, “I’ve enchanted this magnifying glass to allow me to see the unseen. There seems to be liquid flowing through that blanket.”

“Whatever it is, it hurts like hell,” Zaras said.

“Hmm… I wonder if it’s magic,” Una said. 

Kaida directed the magnifying glass at Áine, the Queen of fairies sitting behind her desk typing away at her computer.

“Her body glows with powerful magic while his does not. It’s more than likely some form of technology he’s using. Providing different levels of intensity depending on the threat. That’s probably why the both of you were attacked in different ways.”

“His head seems exposed,” Una said.

“I tried that, but it didn’t work,” Zaras said.

“It’s just a lockdown, why not just stay put?”

“Well… that’s because we were never given a direct order and father is,” Kaida paused, finally noticing that Una and Zaras had their cheeks pressing into her face. “GET THE FUCK OFF ME YOU PIECES OF SHIT COCK SUCKIN,”

With a yawn, the small boy blocking the door slowly turned and stepped over to the side of Áine’s desk. Staring at the side of her face for a few moments until Áine finally said;


“… You’re a doctor right?”


The boy stood there staring at her for a bit longer before saying;

“… Doctors have suckers.”

Áine was intrigued by this. Taking a drag of her mana cigarette, she sat back in her chair and asked;

“You want a leach?”

“… Sucker as in candy.”

“… We don’t have candy on the ship.” 

Officer Yoko simply stood there staring at the Áine who stared back. Una felt a wave of fear wash over her. A feeling that told her she was far too close to danger. That danger being the strange boy and the Queen of Fairies. Soon Áine let out a deep breath and pulled a yellow sucker from her desk drawer. Una was taken aback by the boy’s boldness. While she had never stepped foot on the old homeworld, she heard stories about what happened to men and boys who dared stand against a female, let alone a Queen. The boy was clearly strong, and Una couldn’t help but want some of that strength. She was confident, sure, but it didn’t mean shit if she couldn’t back it up. Making her wave over to him he casually turned to face her with the stim of his sucker sticking from his mouth. Before she could get a word in, Kaida stepped in front of her, facing the young human.

“Officer Yoko, I’m Daughter of Lucy, Number 5699. My kind are emotionally linked to our fath… umm the captain of this ship. Due to recent events, my captain is struggling to hold his composure. I wish to be there for him.”

“Hmm,” he thought for a moment. “I’m pretty sure he has those twins with him and that one girl. Seems like he’ll be fine, maybe you should have the doctor check your eyes to stop the bleeding,” he said with a playful smile.

“Please, Officer Yoko, I’ll do anything.”

The fact that Kaida swallowed her pride and said please to a male human was a shocker, only to be surprised even further.

“Ok!” He said without skipping a beat.

Kaida’s eyes widened with shock as she asked, “Really?”

“Sure, you can repay me later.”

“Thank you,” Kaida turned slowly and walked through the sliding metal door.

“What?! What about me?!” Zaras asked while cutting in front of Una.

“What about you, fluffy naked weirdo?”

“I’ve been trying to get out this whole time. Our kind doesn’t like being caged. So let me out uhm so I can help the captain. Please, Officer Yoko.”

“Nope, nice try though,” he chuckled.

Zaras glared up at the ceiling, before letting out a sigh. Closing her eyes and clenching her fists she said;

“I’m sorry… for… trying to rape you. I figured it was a better option than trying to kill you so I can get to the captain.”

“… Mmm… okay, you may go.”

Zaras’s sharp eyes gave the boy a quick once over, contemplating another attack. “Good, next time I see you, I’m biting your ass,” Is what she wanted to say but she kept it in as she raced out of the room. Una remained standing there, looking over Officer Yoko as near silence filled the room.

“I wanna be as strong as you,” Una said.

The boy started to snicker as he said;

“There’s more to,”

“I don’t give a damn about your philosophy, semantics, life story, or excuses. I want what you have,” Una said bluntly.

“Oh, well why is that?” He asked with a large grin.

“Fuck you that’s why.”

The small boy snickered a bit more and said;

“Fine, fine I’ll try to remember to send your request to your Captain. You may leave now.”

“Just like that?” Una asked.

“Would you rather I change my mind?”

The boy’s grin intensified somehow but she broke eye contact when Áine spoke up.

“Just make sure you clear out your locker outside the door or it’s going in the trash.” 

“My things?”

Una was sure she didn’t have anything important on her during the start of the mission. She found her temporary locker between Kaida and Zaras, who were busy getting dressed. Zaras put on the jewelry and round shades she got from the captain as a birthday gift, along with strapping her blade to her back. While Kaida put on her nun clothing. Una opened her locker only kind of expecting to find new clothing but instead what she saw was a black hilt with a rubber grip but no sword. She reached down and picked it up, noticing that it was a bit heavier than it looked. Or maybe she just got so used to having Sib as her clothing, making her stronger and faster. 

“What the hell is that?” Kaida asked as she checked her pistol and slipped it into the pouch strapped to her chest. It didn’t hold real bullets as they were pretty much forbidden to be held while in the ship but they were filled with rubber bullets that hit hard enough to sting, or kill if hit in the right place, just not enough to put a hole in the ship.

“Looks like a vibrator,” Zaras said, leaning in close to get a better look.

“Fucking disgusting,” Kaida spat while giving Una a disgusted side-eye stare.

“It’s a hilt to a sword you dumbasses,” Una rolled her eyes while bobbing the object. “And it’s heavy.”

“I’ll dispose of it for you,” Kaida said as she reached for it. Una was about to give it over only to pause when Zaras said;

“It could be a gift from the Captain, best you keep it.”

Kaida tried to snatch it away only for Una’s reflexes to prove faster.

“You BIG MOUTH BITCH!” Kaida snapped only to quickly regain her composure. “Fine, keep it, I’m sure Father will reward me greatly for completing the mission,” She said while slamming the locker close.

“I bet the reward will just be a turd in a box,” Una said and received a chuckle from her feline sister. Kaida on the other hand didn’t find it very funny as the three of them walked towards the door.

“Childish, to show true loyalty you…” Kaida paused when she noticed all three of them were trying to walk out the door. A struggle to be first to leave ensued as she said, “ONE AT A TIME YOU RETARTED CUNT FUCKS!” All three popped from the door and fell into the massive corridor that acted as one-half of the Star Seeker’s spine. A hallway so big that it was more like a highway. It acted much like the central nervous system of the ship with how it allowed easy travel for its crew. It was long enough that it was almost impossible to see the other side and wide enough that it took about ten to fifteen sisters, standing side by side with arms spread out to block the corridor. When they fell straight to the cold metal floor, Kaida said, “I’m going to kill both of you dumb bitches,” Kaida said with a soft yet cold conviction.

“That’s strange,” Una said as they all climbed to their feet. “I’ve never seen this place so empty.”

“You must not know what a lockdown is, how sad,” Zaras said.

“Would you like to be locked in your room?” Una asked while casually jerking her head to the side when Kaida tried to point blank shoot her in the side of the head. Her rubber bullet whizzed through the air and pinged off the wall.

“That’s a stupid question, my spoiled turd-colored sister. It would depend on if it’s for pleasure or not.”

“Maybe we should go back and ask Áine or the human boy,” Una said.

“Fuck him and fuck her, and fuck the two of you,” Kaida said as she reloaded her pistol and began to walk. “Thanks to the lockdown I should have no problem speaking with father directly, perhaps I’ll even beg him to let me slaughter you both.”

“I’m gonna ask for a kiss,” Zaras said as she began walking as well.

“Blankets,” Una said as she followed in between her two sisters. She wasn’t sure where the captain was but with Zaras having a strong nose for smelling the captain’s scent and Kaida having a sixth sense of his location, she needed only to follow either of them. They both stared at Una and said at the same time;


“Think about it, what’s the best place to be on this ship?” Una asked defensively.

“Next to the captain’s sperm-filled balls,” Zaras said.

“In front of his TV playing video ga…” Kaida caught herself. “None of your damn business!”

“In your bed, you dumbasses. It’s cold as shit in this place, a few more covers are all I want,” Una said, earning her a long stare from the both of them.

“… You mean to say,” Zaras began. “If the captain offered to share his bath, as a reward for a job well done, you’d turn it down for a blanket?”

“… That’s pretty pathetic,” Kaida said.

“First off, his baths are almost boiling hot. Secondly I,” She paused as she bumped into someone’s back. Kaida and Zaras stopped as well and eyed the short swirly pink hair, the all-white sleeveless shirt with frilly white bloomers. Given how Zaras didn’t lose her cool, it was safe to say whoever it was, wasn’t a boy though she did seem a bit confused as she leaned her head to the left. The girl wore white thigh-high socks, all the way up to her bloomers, and on her feet were also white shoes. “Hey,” Una said softly, “you’re in my way, move and die.”

“Don’t you mean move or die?” A soft yet digital voice came from her as she turned around, revealing that she didn’t have a face.

“What the hell happened to your face?” The nun asked, slightly disturbed by the sight.

“I had a dream like this one,” Zaras began. “A monster with no face showed up but it had little tiny pin holes all over its face, with even smaller worms sticking out of every hole just wiggling, and not in a good way. Some real freaky shit.”

“A form of nocturnal trypophobia,” the faceless girl said.

“Oh,” Kaida said as she thumbed the blood from her cheeks. “You’re just wearing a mask.”

Out of nowhere a ball with big blue cybernetic eyes flew into view, floating in front of Kaida’s face, causing her to flinch away.

“I do not wear a mask. This body was created with the ability to see in a complete three-sixty view of myself. The drone before is mostly to give off a friendly face.”

“Are you… like Sib?” Una asked, causing the drone to float closer to her.

“Yes, I’m Brigadier General Mary. He’s my subordinate,”

“You’re Sib’s mother?!” All three said at the same time.

“Your jump in logic is coincidentally correct. Would you happen to know where he might be hiding?” She asked.

Without a second thought, Una held up the hilt she got from her locker, catching the attention of the drone.

“Is this him?” Una asked.

“If it is, I’m breaking him,” Kaida said.

The drone studied the hilt, bathing it in a blue beam of light for a few seconds before doing it again for even longer as if it was unsure the first time.


“Last we saw him he made a spider body. Now that the ship is up and running shouldn’t he be back in the network?” Una asked.

“More importantly, why would he be hiding?” Zaras asked. “Are you a bitch?”

“The fact that Sib would hide from anyone must mean you’re a bitch,” Kaida said.

“A bitch that’s still in my way,” said Una.

Mary slowly stepped off to the side, allowing them to pass as she said;

“If you’re his Queen, just assume he’s dead and make another,” Kaida said.

“I’m not a Queen,” Mary began. “While in theory another Sib could be made, things would become problematic if the new Sib found out he had died.”

“Sib brought me back from death plenty of times and I feel fine. Hey, what the hell?!” Una yelled.

Without warning, the drone bathed Una in an intense beam of light. Her temper spiked as she had to block her eyes with her left forearm and swat at the drone with her free hand. The drone darted in random directions to avoid being struck. When it was done, it flew to the side to orbit Mary.

“Just checking to see if he was hiding in your body,” Mary said as she began to walk away down the.

“He can do that?” Una asked.

“There are a lot of things he can do, though it seems you know this first hand.”

Una stood there a tad speechless as she watched her leave. Wondering if she accidentally gave away too much information. Blinking a few times she noticed her sisters were gone. Snapping her gaze down the highway, she quickly noticed Zaras and Kaida stepping into an elevator. She was supposed to follow the chain of command but the last thing she wanted to do was talk to Alais and thanks to how quiet it is thanks to the lockdown, Una didn’t wanna miss her chance. She sprinted after her sisters and dove inside the elevator at the last second. Thanks to Una crashing into the both of them, a fistfight ensued.



Don't Cross The Bridge

A baby-faced little boy who's tougher than he looks with a smart mouth, and a pretty little girl with a mean right hook and a foul mouth.

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