AI Art vs “Some” Artists

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Not too long ago, art created by a digital program looked like a trippy picture through a kaleidoscope. Leaving many people surprised if not shocked by the fact a “simple” computer program can make breathtaking illustrations. However, with this realization, there are some artists with understandable concerns about art theft. While most artists will google pictures and illustrations for inspiration if not blatantly ripping off said references, an AI computer program can now do the same thing a human can do but “better.”

A while back I remember watching a small documentary where a truck driver was asked if he thinks AI will take his job and to my surprise, he said no. Going on the state that there will always need to be a human behind the wheel. While I can’t predict the future of technology, I’m no fool in understanding that the human brain isn’t magic. Meaning it can be calculated in full. If there is something you’re really good at, it’s painful to know that there is someone or something out there that can do it better. But there are those like myself who aren’t intimidated by such things.

At the moment there is a legal battle going on against the developers of an AI art program and perhaps many others though I doubt it. The problem that interests me the most about this “battle” is that it will open doors for the censorship of art in the future, more so than there already is, and if you know me, I don’t approve of any form of censorship no matter the reason. Because such an action would be a pandora’s box of trouble for artists all over the world.

If the artists of the world censor AI Art, it’s only a matter of time until a political party uses those same means to censor artists.


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