Anime Haters Say She’s Too Thick

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Buddy Daddies, written by Vio Shimokura, best known for his work in Steins;Gate, and Yuko Kakihara who worked on Urusei Yatsura, an anime that brandishes the classic anime art style, but I digress. Worked on by Aniplex, Buddy Daddies is an anime about two assassins who, thanks to unfortunate events, find themselves caring for a bubbly four-year-old named Miri Unasaka, voiced by Japanese voice actress Hina Kino and English dubbed by Chinese actress Emi Lo.

About The Anime’s Controversy

Having watched episode three we realize that the anime is an amazing mix of serious, comedic, wholesome, and sad in that order. I even found myself tearing up a little in a way I’ve not felt since the anime called, Made In Abyss. While currently having high ratings across many platforms, it seems to have angered a few people for the sexualization of the young character Miri Unasaka specifically for this 14-second clip below of her playing hide and seek. While anime lovers are aware of anime’s provocative nature, we can all agree that this isn’t that. Keep in mind that this is just one of many prime examples of why western culture should never have any form of control over anime and manga.


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