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There are three ongoing wars on anime but I’m unsure which side is winning. The SJW’s Twitter, or lawmakers who wish to censor such content to the point of running International sanctions on Japan as a whole. And then you have platforms banning forms of anime, something I would never approve of, however, it’s their right to do as they please on their platform.


The problem is, the more and more divided we become, the harder it is to sit back and not be a part of it. Some simply can’t let things go and must find something to occupy their time. As if it’s in mankind’s DNA, people are refusing to allow others to enjoy the things that they love. Those that hate what others love also seek to prevent them from loving it. If I could rewrite the DNA code of mankind I would add but one thing…


Everyone should be free to do as they please, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the freedoms of another person.


Thank you.


Demon Slayer!

This same outrage is happening with Demon Slayer. Nezuko Kamado, the sister turned demon, is able to change her age to either be small and adorable or big and beautiful. Like Kobayashi, this is a problem for some viewers while ignoring the fact that Nezuko is now a demon, the symbol of evil.

I would like to introduce to you Lucy, the former Queen of the underworld from my library’s newly published web novel, Prince Adam & The Man-Eating Queens. Having lived for countless years, seen and done horrible things to everyone of all ages including to herself, the former Queen of the underworld also appears young.

Why is this important? Well, it’s to provide a bit of perspective, at least in terms of where this library stands. So far Japan is standing strong against western views. The same views that put comic book heroes in such a chaotic place.

Anime vs Youtube

You might have heard a lot of copyright claims being dished out by anime producers in Japan and Youtube content creators. Specifically, anime bloggers. While the United States has a thing called Fair Use, Japan doesn’t support such a thing, at least not on the same scale as the US.

So content creators are having their content flagged and being supposedly being sued for use of content they don’t own. While my library has a few videos of my cat Candy talking about anime I would not be surprised if said studio told us to stop. 

I’ll leave you with this, while I wish everyone the best of luck with how they make a living, understand that if it doesn’t belong to you you could be risking your future. Anime is being attacked from many different directions and in many different ways so I don’t blame them for being overly aggressive. However, I hope to see some kind of compromise in the future.


The Bookkeeper


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