The End Of Anime Is Close

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The future of anime might be headed in a “Disney” direction. And while the thought of more people watching anime across the world sounds like a very fun idea, I can’t help but wonder how anime will change. Aside from CGI taking over anime or China ramping up production of their own over the years, would it be wrong to say I’m worried about this kind of content being Twitter-ized? With the new generation of people coming out to “identify” as Twitter, the last thing anime lovers would want is to have those kinds of folk controlling the direction of this content altogether.

While I’m not personally sure how this next bit of information is progressing, I do remember the United Nations taking a jab at Japan and their content. Claiming that such content was aggressive or vulgar or something along those lines. I dare not Google it as it’s far too sad. It’s like a political war of attrition on anime and Japan. Supposedly it’s always been like that for everything.

Being off in your little world, not bothering anyone until the “bully” comes along to ruin your day.


There are three ongoing wars on anime but I’m unsure which side is winning. The SJW’s Twitter, or lawmakers who wish to censor such content to the point of running International sanctions on Japan as a whole. And then you have platforms banning forms of anime, something I would never approve of, however, it’s their right to do as they please on their platform.

The problem is, the more and more divided we become, the harder it is to sit back and not be a part of it. Some simply can’t let things go and must find something to occupy their time. As if it’s in mankind’s DNA, people are refusing to allow others to enjoy the things that they love. Those that hate what others love also seek to prevent them from loving it. If I could rewrite the DNA code of mankind I would add but one thing…

Everyone should be free to do as they please, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the freedoms of another person.

Thank you.

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