Fiction Representing Reality?

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Do People Really Want Representation From Fictional Characters?​

Isn’t it odd that people feel the need to justify their personality, their very existence by using characters or other people around the world? I’ve never felt such a need. The only one I would want to represent me, is myself. Because who else could do it better? And yet every day I see people despritaly trying to find justification, someone or something that could represent them better than themselves; At least that’s what I see.

One could say it’s much more than representing yourself and I could agree on some level if that’s what you wanted. But only because that’s what you wanted. There are those that give great importance to things or others that they care about. It’s an importance that can only be given, nothing more and nothing less. I could say my hands are the most important things in the world and that would be true but only in my eyes. I could say that you, the reader, are the most important person in the world but that doesn’t make it a fact. Importance seems to be nothing more than a chemical imbalance in the human mind. Because if you remove all life from reality, importance no longer is a concept.

There are those that want anime to represent specific groups of people; And I ask, why would someone want fictional characters to represent real people? Why would said person simply not make their own content of representation instead of begging others to do it? Is it because said fictional character is actually a stolen documentary of a person’s life? Or do certain types of people want to plug themselves into the main character’s shoes to get lost in the story? Or… do certain types of people feel fictional characters with large breasts, for example, set fictional standards on beauty and feel less like a person for not having large breasts?


It’s to my understanding that some people feel unseen in today’s media and in some cases even feel misrepresented due to things like stereotypes. For example, I’m sure there are those who will assume that because I’m a woman of culture, that I like the classic tentacle coitus, or because of my bust that I’m always moment’s from an ara ara situation; That’s understandable I suppose.

Stereotypes will come and go or change into something more. Still, stereotypes do not represent me unless I want them to. At the end of the day, I represent myself and I’m free to steer clear of those that don’t understand that. I don’t personally feel the need to demand someone to represent me simply to satisfy my insecurities. If I cared enough, I’d do it myself, better than anyone else in the world. 

Do you know why others shouldn’t represent you? It’s because there is only one of you, and it’s impossible for anyone else to be you. 


The Bookkeeper

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