Rising Hatred Between Manga & Comics

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Why Is There Conflict Between Comics And Manga?

Recently there has been a growing feud between Comics and Manga. Specifically, the creators who go on to “pass the torch” of hatred to their followers. I’m not the type to go searching for upsetting news, but time and time again, I’ve seen thumbnails of such content. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then great! Neither do I on some level, I suppose. 

Long gone are the days where it was simply, “Who would win in a fight, Goku or Superman?” And creeping right around the corner is “What’s better, Comics or Manga?” I’m very much aware that Anime, while loved by countless, is hated by a small majority in comparison. And that’s fine; everyone is different in this regard. However, slowly this hatred seems to be growing into much more than simply not wanting to watch it and extending to the point that those who love it should not be allowed to partake. 

In other words, “I hate it and so should you.” or “I hate it, so you are not allowed to enjoy it.” There are many reasons why this path of destruction seems to present itself. Japan is a maker of content the world simply loves, but with it comes those who wish to change said content into something more “befitting” of the times. A form of thought not everyone can accept. While Anime has something for everyone, there are still those who want change in such content. Want change, but not pursue it themselves.


Rather than try creating their own content, the upset people would much rather shame anime creators and their fan base in hopes of getting what they want. And for those few who dare to create such “befitting” content, in the end, it doesn’t do as well as they hoped, and such creators may try blaming anime lovers. 

Do you know why people seek out content? From my point of view, people seek out content to relax, laugh, and be on the edge of their seats. And those that love controversy will seek it here and there to get their “fix.” Something that will rile them up and fuel their rage to turn something that was simply annoying into something that they feel should be removed from the face of the earth.

But in the end, such anger isn’t very healthy; Still, I don’t judge. I am bringing this up because many content creators who want to do something different will make content by pouring everything they have into their work. But forget to leave their anger and hatred at the door. And before they know it, what they’ve created is so politically charged that consumers find it hard to enjoy what was supposed to be a labor of love.

I suppose it’s sad, really; Hatred of other content being what fuels some content creators, tainting their own work of art with negative emotions. But perhaps there’s still beauty in it, a beauty that might be best enjoyed, in theory only. 


The Bookkeeper

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